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There are 3 main event matches at Hell in a Cell, apparently


That is, of course, simply a marketing technique. It’s also a way WWE can claim the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Raw women’s title match is the main event even if they don’t put it on in the traditional main event position.

But that’s crap.

What the company did at No Mercy was at least defensible in the sense that it was clear the AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose WWE world title match was the planned main event but they called an audible to account for unique outside programming (the first Presidential debate that drew over 80 million viewers). Banks vs. Charlotte has been promoted as the top match at Hell in a Cell, as the two are the only wrestlers featured on the event poster, the first time a women’s match has been the sole promotion on a WWE poster.

It sure feels like a main event, and it’s being promoted like it is, but what if it doesn’t go on last?

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