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Sheamus is still being asked about Conor McGregor, for some reason

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows Dublin Premiere Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

WWE sent Sheamus to India for a promotional tour and that includes doing media rounds. For some reason, he’s still being asked about the UFC’s Conor McGregor, who got the pro wrestling world all up in a fuss when he made negative comments about the industry while promoting his fight months ago.

Here, he was asked by Sportskeeda about Conor possibly coming to WWE:

I really don’t know. As far as I know he’s still going to be fighting for a really long time. I mean there’s a Cruiserweight Division now, so maybe McGregor can join the Cruiserweight Division. But I really don’t’s really up to him. He's obviously got a lot of charisma, I don’t know...if Vince McMahon feels that there’s an opportunity to make money he’ll be here.

And revisiting his thoughts on McGregor’s comments:

I thought it was a publicity stunt. That’s all it was. Summerslam was a day after his PPV. He’d lost a lot of steam. I said so in the tweet I sent out. He was just trying to sell tickets. That’s all it was.

McGregor is a monster draw for UFC and he used WWE to help become an even bigger one. Will they ever benefit from it? Probably not, but as long as the media doesn’t want to let it go, Conor will.

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