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Paul Heyman is ‘riding Brock Lesnar’s coattails all the way to the finish line’

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman was the guest on ESPN Sportscenter’s weekly WWE spot and when Jonathan Coachman asked where Heyman sees himself right now, he gave a refreshingly candid response:

"Approaching his prime, riding Brock Lesnar's coattails all the way to the finish line and enjoying every moment of the ride."

That’s a man who knows he almost certainly wouldn’t have ever made his way back to WWE unless Lesnar had decided to get out of mixed martial arts and make his own return to the company. It’s one potent pairing, as the two have continued to make history in ways both big and small.

They’ll be hoping to do so again when Lesnar wrestles Goldberg at Survivor Series next month in Toronto.

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