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Goldberg thanks the WWE Universe for the response to his return on Raw; will it last?

What a difference a day makes.

24 hours ago, conventional wisdom had it that Bill Goldberg would be a de facto heel at Survivor Series, as Toronto WWE fans would boo the WCW legend just like the Madison Square Garden faithful did at WrestleMania XX.

And while Toronto isn’t Denver, where Goldberg received an overwhelmingly positive response last night (Oct. 17) when he returned to WWE on Raw, that reaction and comments about his segment online make it pretty difficult to see Bill getting booed out of any building on what appears to be his retirement run.

You could see it on his face. Like Shane McMahon in Detroit this past February, the WWE Universe loves a “moment” and this was one of which they were thrilled to be a part.

This morning, the man himself got on social media to again tip his cap to the fans:

Will the positive vibes continue all the way to Nov. 20? Some of the shine came off Shane O-Mac’s comeback as the reality of a match between he and Undertaker came to the forefront. But in all other respects, McMahon is still riding the wave which made his first appearance in years such a success.

The way Goldberg expressed what this opportunity means to him, his family and his fans - especially young ones - should keep him boo-proof. WWE plans to limit his exposure between now and Survivor Series, which should also help.

But a month is a long time in wrestling, and while we fans love our nostalgia, we’re also fickle.

Goldberg’s next Raw is on Halloween in Hartford, Connecticut.

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