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Mick Foley is taking a break from Twitter because a fan shared some DMs he probably never should have sent

Raw General Manager Mick Foley has decided to step away from Twitter for a while. This is sane decision for any rationale human being, but especially for someone with any measure of celebrity.

It’s a jungle out there. Not Facebook-level bad, but...

The Hardcore Legend isn’t just tired of people @-ing him about stuff like how bad Raw sucks, or his poor choice of suit coats and the like. Mick decided to have a conversation with a fan via direct message (DM), and the person publicly posted the whole thing online.

Bummer, right? A Hall of Famer wants to be able to chat with the WWE Universe in more than 140 character bursts, and someone has to go ruin it for everyone.

Well, that is true, but Foley probably should have exercised a little better discretion regarding what he was willing to talk to this fan about. WrestleZone unearthed the conversation:

The jist of the discussion is @drinkbleachT (pro tip, Mick, don’t talk to people with a handle paying tribute to one of CM Punk’s go to suicide suggestions for trolls) wants Summer Rae to get a push on Monday nights, what with the ladies main eventing and all. The GM doesn’t invoke the company line that Summer is injured, instead arguing WWE needs to focus on fewer women - unlike the dismal “Divas Revolution” launch of 2015 - and questions whether the former Lingerie Footballer could hang with Sasha Banks and Charlotte in terms of in-ring skill.

This has been interpreted as Foley “throwing shade” at Summer, but I really don’t think so. I’ve been a fan of hers since NXT, but she’s always been a character-first performer. Throwing her in with Bayley or the Boss right now wouldn’t be a great fit, and would require a fairly substantial build to get most members of the WWE Universe to buy her as credible... air time they may not have right now, or that might come at the expense of Dana Brooke or Nia Jax.

Also don’t blame Mick for being unaware of what Summer can do. He’s a family and renaissance man who doesn’t have unlimited time to watch wrestling, and the examples “drinkbleach” provides are year old episodes of Main Event, for crying out loud.

Where he messed up, and what could get Mrs. Foley’s baby boy in hot water with the McMahons, is his willingness to discuss behind-the-scenes business like pushes and storylines with a stranger online.

So, we’ll see if he gets in trouble with the bosses. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a sly on-screen rib about the situation, or even have it worked into the ongoing “Mick Foley is a bad GM” angle playing out on Monday nights.

In the meantime, probably a good idea to put down your phone for now, sir.

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