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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 17, 2016): Goldberg returns!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 17, 2016) from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: Goldberg returns to answer Paul Heyman's challenge for a fight with Brock Lesnar, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Unholy evil prophets rise, fire is raining from the endless skies. Can you hear the final thunder roaring? Me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with Michael Cole putting Goldberg over, and then Corey Graves talks about an exclusive interview Lita is going to conduct with Charlotte and Sasha Banks later, and out comes Kevin Owens with Chris Jericho by his side.

The pair stand in the ring sullen a moment while the crowd chants before Owens pipes up. He says it's crystal clear now that Mick Foley has a personal vendetta against him. Why else would he shorten KO's career by forcing him to defend his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell? Jericho agrees, and then questions the idea that it's some kind of badge of honor to be Hell in a Cell, saying it's the most barbaric structure ever created in WWE, violent and evil, and the fact that Owens is in the same kind of match that ended Foley's career is a miscarriage of justice and proves that Mick is a stupid idiot.

Kevin then says that he's a thinking man's champion and he's smart enough to know how to avoid letting the match shorten his career. Rollins' career will be made shorter by virtue of being in the ring with Kevin Owens and in years we'll be talking about the hell he put Rollins through and still calling it the Kevin Owens Show. Jericho then adds himself into it, saying that he should have been in the match since it's obvious that he could beat Seth Rollins if he can beat the likes of Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Steve Austin, the Rock (on the same night!), the Undertaker (for the title!), but he didn't because of bad officiating. He then puts referee Rod Zapata on the List.

Owens says Hell in a Cell will be Rollins' swan song, seeing as he's been replaced already and will be retired after the match. This prompts Rollins to come out himself. He tells Jericho if he puts anything on the List, he should start with his terrible scarf, rinky-dink tattoos, crappy haircut, creepy moustache, and his sparkle-crotch trunks. The crowd is chanting "Sparkle-crotch!" and Jericho denies that he is, in fact, Sparkle-crotch before moving to put Rollins on the List. Rollins acts mock terrified before suggesting that maybe he should put his friendship on the List for KO refusing to help him two weeks in a row.

Owens says they agreed one member had to stay strong, and Seth says that makes Jericho weak, which causes Jericho to spout his resume and his "best in the world at what he does" line and say that's why his trunks say GOAT. Rollins back to the sparkle-crotch stuff now and Jericho says he can beat Rollins anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Seth says here's a good as place as any and offers a rematch. He asks what Kevin's going to do, go to the back so Jericho can prove that he can beat him by himself or stick around as a cheerleader and watch while Jericho gets pedigreed again.

Jericho thinks Owens should leave, Owens thinks he should stay. They discuss it a moment and Jericho asks him to stop the crap about one of them needing to take the bullet. He's champion right now, and Jericho isn't, so of course Jericho is willing to take the bullet, but more importantly, they're best friends and he needs to prove he can beat Rollins. They hug, Kev promises he'll be there in spirit before heading to the back and sending us to break.


Back from commercial just in time for the bell to ring!

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

They circle, Jericho with a boot to the gut and a back suplex to open. Chops and slaps send Rollins in the corner, Y2J grabs a loose facelock and throws hammerblows to the back. Whip, reversal, Rollins in charge with slaps and kicks in the corner before another whip and a dropkick take Jericho to the mat. Seth outside, runs around to lay a big boot into Jericho's head. Deliberate right hands from Rollins, whip, Jericho catches him and his the double underhook backbreaker for two!

Just stepping on Rollins' face before looking for a catapult in the ropes that jacks Seth's throat across the middle. Ramming and slamming Rollins into the barricade now, before rolling him in the ring and going up top for the double axehandle but Seth is ready for him with a boot and a Pedigree attempt that Y2J fight out of. Rollins with clotheslines, whip, corner forearm, to the second for a blockbuster! Seth going for a suplex, Jericho rolls out and looks for the Walls but Seth rolls him up for a nearfall.

Back body drop to the outside, Jericho follows up with the triangle dropkick and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Rollins is hung up on the middle rope but ducks Jericho when he rushes in after him. In the corner, Y2J gets a foot up and throws a missile dropkick for two before locking in a reverse chinlock. Right hands, Jericho whips, Rollins catches the ropes and comes back with a boot and a slap. Another whip, Rollins catches the ropes again, Jericho finds himself seated on the mat, Rollins with the Penalty Kick! Jericho charges in the corner, reverse STO into the turnbuckles followed by a Sling Blade.

Both men running low, they struggle to their feet and Seth starts firing chops off. Whip to the corner, running forearm, ducks a lariat but Jericho catches him on the rebound with a back elbow to set up the Lionsault! Rollins stays in it and Jericho pulls him up by the hair, going for the backbreaker again but Seth slips out and hits the jumping knee and a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Jericho's sprawled, Rollins heads up top but KO's music hits, giving Y2J time to stir.

Jericho leaves the ring and Seth hits a diving crossbody to the outside! Diving knee connects, Rollins sets him up for the Pedigree, Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho! Seth is struggling and reaching out when Owens walks down in front of him to taunt him. Rollins forces himself up on his hands but Jericho has him in the center of the ring. Seth fires himself up, Owens is yanking the bottom rope away but referee John Cone sees him and orders Jericho to break the hold regardless.

Jericho and Cone get into it, Rollins with a schoolboy rollthrough, looking for the Pedigree but Jericho escapes with an enzuigiri. Codebreaker attempt, Rollins dodges...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with a Pedigree.

Commentary throws to a video package on Goldberg's career before putting the women's interview over as coming up next and throwing to break with a More Than Pink video package.


Back from commercial and John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado, is in attendance thanks to Goldberg.

Charlotte's on deck with Lita first. Lita asks her how she prepares for a match like this. Charlotte says she's a winner and doesn't need to prepare before saying that she feels she's the best superstar in WWE regardless of gender. Lita asks her if she feels it's unfair to wrestle Sasha when she's maybe no 100% and Charlotte's response is that she's been so dominant because she's durable and a win is a win. Lita rephrases the question, asking if maybe beating Sasha at her best wouldn't be a better way of proving how good she is, and Charlotte responds that she's at her best, so it doesn't matter.

Lita then asks about the crowd response, Charlotte says Sasha will need that hometown crowd but she doesn't need anybody to help her along by cheering because she's genetically superior and says nobody knows what it's like to be her. Charlotte then puts Sasha over saying on any given day, one of them might be better than the other, but at Hell in a Cell, it's gonna be her that's the best.

Golden Truth making their entrance now, with Mark Henry in tow. They've got a trios match next, so off to break we go.


Back from commercial and the Shining Stars have just finished up their entrance as Titus comes out. Michael Cole puts over the story of the match, where Shining Stars were trying to sell Henry fake Rolex watches, and they send to a clip from the pre-show saying that if Golden Truth & Henry lose, they have to buy the watches.

Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) & Mark Henry vs. Shining Stars (Epico & Primo) & Titus O'Neil

Primo & Goldust to the start, criss-cross, shoulder block, kick to the gut, drop-down slap, rebound arm drag and Goldust is working the arm until Primo forces the break. Boots and a tag to Epico, who slingshots in with a senton for two before making a quick tag to Titus. Titus throws heavy hands before whipping Goldust back into his corner and tagging Epico for more abuse. He puts the boots to Goldust before locking a reverse chinlock in.

Goldust fights to his feet and out with elbows and a judo throw into his beautiful scoop powerslam. Tag to R-Truth, Titus is back in as well. Truth clobbers him with lariats, both arm and leg, punctuated with splits, before hitting the scissors kick for a nearfall. Goldust with a spinebuster on Primo, Truth with the jumping reverse STO on Epico, tag to Henry. Mark Henry plucks Titus out of mid-air...

Golden Truth & Mark Henry win by pinfall with a World's Strongest Slam from Mark Henry on Titus O'Neil.

Cut to New Day walking backstage with a sign declaring that today is day #420 of their reign, throwing boxes of Booty-Os to staff before we go to break.


Back from commercial and Jericho confronts Owens backstage about interfering, nearly calling him a stupid idiot. Owens says he's not some dolt he can put on the List and they continue arguing. Stephanie McMahon rolls up on them and says they're doing exactly what they said they wouldn't, before talking about the challenge that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon made on SmackDown last week. She needs them to be stronger and smarter than everybody else. Jericho and Owens exchange mumbled parting shots and we cut back to the arena where Sheamus and Cesaro are entering.

They bicker down to the ring while Cesaro does the Facebook Live gimmick, and then Big E does his thing and the New Day come out. E's chucking yet more boxes of Booty-Os to the crowd before getting on the mic and saying that Sheamus must be a mile high if he thinks he's gonna beat him or the three of them with his court-appointed tag team partner. Xavier says that the two contenders for president would make a better team before they put Cesaro over some more. Kofi mentions the springboard he slipped on and says he managed to beat Cesaro and he wasn't even at his best, so what do you expect will happen to Sheamus?

They call Sheamus a putz and E points out that you can't say Sheamus without saying shame, which gets a big reaction from the crowd, complete with "shame" chants. Woods says it doesn't matter, though, they could be the best of friends and they're still going to show them why they've been legally the champions for the past 420 days. They finish the schtick and the match begins.

Big E vs. Sheamus

Collar-and-elbow, Sheamus turns it into a side headlock, E shoots him off into a back elbow and swivels the hips at him. Back to the lockup, Sheamus gets a waistlock and throws a German suplex before going for a shoulder thrust in the corner and a running knee and then eating a big clothesline from Big E. E returns the thrust and Sheamus returns the clothesline, all while Cesaro keeps the camera rolling.

Kick to E, then uppercuts and finally a straight right hand before Big E back body drops Sheamus outside. Sheamus climbs on the apron and looks for the Beats of the Bodhran but E drops him with a lariat and splashes him on the apron! Sheamus comes back with a Finlay Roll on the outside and we go to commercial.

Back from break and Sheamus goes up top but Big E catches him for the belly-to-belly. Another suplex follows, and another, before E swivels the hips over the fallen Irishman. Knees up for the splash, schoolboy gets two, Sheamus follows it with the Irish Curse. Looking for another Finlay Roll, E fights out and catches Sheamus with a huge powerbomb for two!

E lies in wait, gets Sheamus up for the Big Ending but the big man slips out and nails him with a boot and White Noise for a nearfall. Sheamus lays the Beats of the Bodhran in as Cesaro poses and films with the people, before punctuating by knocking E off the apron. Sheamus wastes time jawing at Cesaro before sending E back in the ring. He goes back and takes Cesaro's phone away from him and talks to the people before demanding that Cesaro film the "best Brogue Kick ever". So of course E rushes in...

Big E wins by pinfall with a schoolboy.

Back to the Goldberg video packages, this time focusing on his July 6th, 1998 title match against Hulk Hogan before taking us to break with an ad for SmackDown featuring James Ellsworth's inexplicable title match tomorrow.


Back from commercial and Bo Dallas is in the ring for a match, accompanied by Curtis Axel. More pre-show footage follows, with Bo being all cryptic and poetic and Axel claiming he's the biggest Bo-liever of them all and saying he got Bo a match against Neville here tonight. Bo thanks him and we go back live for Neville's entrance.

Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Collar-and-elbow, Neville grabs a wristlock and Bo goes to the hair to escape before pounding Neville's face in with fists. Working a cravate, Neville escapes and Bo bowls him over before laying vicious knee drops to his face against the ropes. Bo drags Neville around by the wrist before throwing a short-arm back elbow, and a second punctuated by cries of "Bo-lieve in Bo".

Neville out and back with rolling solebutts, Bo dodges the low dropkick, Neville dodges a suplex and lays him out with an enzuigiri. Neville up top but Dallas bails, so Neville moves to the apron and moonsaults onto Bo! Back in the ring, Neville charges in, Bo with a back elbow, Neville with the flip evasions, he lays Bo out but Bo sweeps him off the apron before he can go up top...

Bo Dallas wins by pinfall with the rolling cutter.

Axel celebrates with his friend but Bo strikes from behind while he's posing on the turnbuckles! Bo runs him over on the outside before slamming him into the apron and the barricade and reiterating his demand to Bo-lieve in Bo before hitting a wicked running knee to knock him out.

Byron Saxton puts Bayley vs. Dana Brooke over for after the break and away we go with an ad for Hell in a Cell.


Back from commercial and Dana Brooke is making her entrance.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Bayley charges in but Dana bails immediately, flexing on the outside. Bayley follows, Dana rolls back in and back out, Bayley follows, Dana's back in, it's a Scooby Doo hallway chase over here. Dana looks to cut Bayley off but Bayley catches her on the apron and stunners here over the ropes. Bulldog in the ring, whip to the corner, running forearm, whip, lariat, smashing Dana's face into the opposite turnbuckle now but Dana reverses the last one with an elbow strike.

Dana sends Bayley into the turnbuckle but referee Rod Zapata stops her from capitalizing. Dana sneaks a kick in and gets admonished before putting more boots to her. Mat slam and a reverse chinlock now, Dana wrenching it in before Bayley gets to her feet. Slam back to the mat, back to the chinlock before sending Bayley in the corner for a handstand choke. Double lariats lay both women out and Bayley goes to ground and pound.

Tube man elbow, up to the second but Brooke bails so Bayley drops down and hits the through-the-corner dropkick! Bayley up top, Dana cuts her off and shoots her into the ringpost before dragging her back in the ring hard...

Dana Brooke wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

Commentary then throws to Paul Heyman, live via satellite from WWE Studios. Michael Cole asks him if he thinks Goldberg will accept Brock's challenge tonight, and he replies that the whole situation has spiraled out of control. The challenge was rhetorical, he says, Goldberg wouldn't show up in Denver, Colorado just to say no. He then says Brock Lesnar didn't challenge Goldberg face-to-face because Brock doesn't even think about him anymore, he's not worth the sweat off Brock's tuchus.

It's a video game, he continues, a fantasy, so his suggestion is for Goldberg to show up and respectfully decline, because maybe if he says yes, he'll piss Brock Lesnar off. It already pisses Brock off that he got beat once and Goldberg thinks he can do it again. He reiterates his request that Goldberg decline so that he not be conquered and victimized, and that's the interview.

Commentary promises a special message from Rusev & Lana to Roman Reigns and throws us to break.


Back from commercial and Michael Cole puts the More Than Pink campaign over.

Byron Saxton interviews Braun's opponents tonight, and one of them claims the elevation will make Braun get winded, before the middle one goes for the cheap pop and the right one says there's no man in the world who can beat the three of them.

Braun Strowman vs. the Mile High Trio

Red pants starts with a crane kick before the white tights duo attack and Braun chucks them out the ring. Red pants soon joins his friends as Corey drops a sweet Pantera reference. Braun clubs the short-haired white tights guy before going inside to send long-haired white tights into the ringpost. Double dropkick on the other two, corner avalanche on red pants.

White shorts gets clobbered on the outside trying to escape. Braun with a powerslam on red pants...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with a inverted chokeslam on white shorts.

Braun on the mic now, calling Foley out again. He says he's coming to the back right now to take matters into his own hands when Sami Zayn comes out! He stares Braun down, Braun makes like he's gonna leave but instead shoves Zayn so hard that he gets knocked out of the ring. Zayn paces and stares as Braun heads to the back.

Rusev and Lana are up next and we're going to break.


Back from commercial and Sami's walking backstage intently when he runs into an interviewer. He says he confronted Braun because nobody else will.

In the ring with Lana now. She asks us to stand up and put our hands on our hearts for Rusev. Rusev says he has the opportunity to crush Roman in two weeks before getting upset at "USA!" chants and yelling in Bulgarian, which invites a good solid "What?" chant. He lets Lana talk for him, saying as his wife she knows he's a phenomenal family man unlike all the weak men in the crowd.

Rusev back on the mic, he says he gets it, Roman has a family, and that's good for him, with his 700 Samoans around a campfire, dipping turkey legs in mayonnaise and cracking coconuts over their heads, but his family are civilized. And we're going to meet them right now!

Up first is Slavka Rusev, his mom, the strongest woman he knows, much stronger than any American woman and two-time world rowing champion. Lana says that women here are nothing, much less champions, and she loves her mother-in-law. Rusev loses his mind about the crowd booing his mom before saying he didn't know they legalized stupidity.

Papa Rusev is up now, he's a military legend, a wrestling champion even. He's kept his looks, too!

Brother Rusev, the best chef at one of the best restaurants in all Bulgaria! Babushka, his grandmother, and his family dog, who is a dog show champion all around the world. His football-playing cousin follows, and Roman finally chooses then to make his move.

He says Rusev is right about one thing, his big family, but he's not talking about his blood, no sir, he's talking about the Roman Empire. He says Rusev doesn't look like his handsome dad with the sweet moustache, but rather more like the family dog. Rusev says disrespect his family all you want but don't disrespect him. Roman tells him to call any of his family he wants, but at Hell in a Cell it'll be one-on-one, and when Roman is done with him, the only call he'll be placing is to 911.

Lana holds Rusev back and gets in Roman's face, hauling off and slapping him, which Rusev capitalizes on with a roundhouse kick. Rusev taking Roman to the woodshed outside now, into the barricade and the steps before picking up the top step and slamming it into Roman's face. Rusev maneuvers the bottom step into the ring with Roman, setting it up on its edge.

Reigns blocks, firing hands but he eats a thrust kick and Rusev chucks him through the steps before dragging him over and locking the Accolade in on the step. Rusev stands tall to end the segment.

Toss to another Goldberg video package, this time talking about his WWE run against the Rock, before sending us to break.


Back from commercial with another Emma vignette.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows make their way out, Machine Gun has a match!

Enzo & Big Cass come out, they do the deal. Enzo is wearing a pair of overalls that are such a bright pink that my poor TV can't really handle it. Cass says they don't care about the Club's opinion and Enzo calls them chump change. Cass calls them sawft and we're off.

Big Cass vs. Karl Anderson

Cass with a clubbing elbow when Anderson looks to lock up, then he just keeps throwing punches in the corner. Scoop into a fallaway slam and Karl bails. Cass follows and Enzo runs interception with an assist to keep Gallows out of it. Anderson cuts Cass off with a kick for two but...

Big Cass wins by pinfall with the East River Crossing.

Drew Gulak (who had two good-to-great matches at Evolve 70 & 71 this weekend!) and Tony Nese are in the locker room. Nese tells Brian Kendrick that if he keeps his end of the bargain, they'll keep theirs. Kendrick reassures them and TJ Perkins rolls up and calls Gulak and Nese knights in pleather armor. Kendrick says on Raw there are no friends, but there can be allies. TJP asks what the deal he referred to earlier could be and Kendrick says TJP doesn't know him like he thinks he knows.

Kendrick says TJ thinks this is WWE 2K17 and they have unlimited lives, but Kendrick is on his last life and he'll do whatever he needs to to survive. Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann come up, being the other two men in the six-man, and we go to break shortly after.


Back from commercial and we toss to Sasha's interview with Lita.

Sasha says she's ready and this is huge. It's crazy how far she and Charlotte have come to make history, and she respects Charlotte but she's going to show her that she's no Sasha Banks. Sasha puts Hell in a Cell over as being in her home town of Boston and doubles down on the making history thing, thinking back on everything she's done. Lita asks about the back issue and Sasha says she got ahead of herself at SummerSlam but she's back and better than ever, 100%.

Lita puts over how intimidating the Cell is but Sasha chuckles and says she doesn't like to call it fear. She knows what she got herself into when she asked for the match. She's been watching Hell in a Cell matches on the Network, but she can't be afraid when she's in the cage because that's just not an option, and she's here to make history.

Commentary tosses to a video about Goldberg's match against HHH at Unforgiven 2003 before putting the cruiserweight trios match over as up next and sending us to break.


Back from commercial in time for entrances to start for the trios match.

Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, & Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, & TJ Perkins

Gulak and Swann start off in a rematch of Evolve 47. Gulak gets an advantage and gets Swann against ropes, slapping him hard when he makes the break. Swann firing back with punches, criss-cross, drop-down, leapfrog, dropkick, tag to Cedric Alexander. Tag to Tony Nese, criss-cross, leapfrog, dropkick, Cedric with a big slam and a tag to TJP, who comes in with a slingshot senton and a tornado DDT but Nese blocks it and counters it with a suplex!

Tag to Kendrick, Perkins picks the leg immediately and Kendrick scrambles to the ropes and outside to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Gulak is working an armbar on Alexander. Whip, handspring enzuigiri and Gulak is out on his feet. Tag to Kendrick as he stumbles to the corner and he's able to isolate Alexander a moment. Swann and Nese in, trading strikes, Tony goes to the second and Rich snaps him off with a Frankensteiner! Diving lariat from Alexander to Gulak, Cactus Clothesline takes Kendrick outside with them, triangle dropkick from TJP nails his former Catch Point colleague!

Nese up top for a 450 on Swann, Kendrick tags himself in and locks the Captain's Hook in. TJP tries to save but Gulak and Nese hold him back...

Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, & Tony Nese win by submission with the Captain's Hook from Brian Kendrick on Rich Swann.

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are backstage. Mick is upset Steph answered Shane's challenge without consulting him but he gets over it quickly. Mick puts Hell in a Cell over, and Steph gives him all the credit before wondering what tricks Foley has up his sleeve for the go-home next week. They almost had the Owens/Rollins/Jericho triple threat but it fell through, so Mick makes the match for next week and Steph says she loves it before high fiving him.

Michael Cole recaps the whole Goldberg thing real fast while the simulation footage from 2K17 plays and says Goldberg is up next to send us to break.


Back from commercial and Byron makes the announcement that Cesaro and Sheamus will get a non-title match against the New Day next week before Corey reiterates Foley's announcement of Jericho/Rollins/Owens.

Michael Cole's in the ring, tossing to the video recaps of the Goldberg situation before introducing him with the full "walk from backstage" entrance.

When he finally gets to the ring, he takes his sweet time soaking in the "Goldberg!" chants, clearly a bit emotional. The chants shift to "Holy shit!" and he's still pacing. "This is awesome!" and he speaks, thanking the crowd, saying it's been a long time and they didn't forget. Michael Cole gives him the floor and he says it's been twelve years and you never say never, but he never thought he'd be in the ring again.

What makes this special, he says, is that his wife and his son are here to see him live for the first time ever, and the camera cuts to them. Back in January, he says, he got a phone call from 2K, and now he's had the opportunity to travel all around the world promoting the game. He missed a lot of things about the business, but even more than kicking ass, he missed being a superhero for the kids around the world, so promoting the game gave him that opportunity.

He met children in Germany, in Canada, and shook their hands and saw the look in their eyes, knowing he's Goldberg, which brings the chants back. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, he created a little drama back here in WWE, and it made him think. He thought long and hard and he thinks that maybe it's better left alone. Maybe keep it in the video game, which elicits big "No!" chants. But then, he continues, Brock Lesnar challenged him to a fight. He didn't have the balls to do it himself, instead he made Paul Heyman, his fat little stooge, do it for him.

That got Goldberg thinking-- Simon, what would you do? And he thought to himself, maybe he has one more asskicking left in him, one more badass spear in him, one last devastating Jackhammer in him. So not only does that mean that Brock is next, but most importantly it means that Brock is last.

He drops the mic, leaves the ring, slaps hands and hugs the fans, even pulling one kid out of the crowd and putting him on his shoulders before going over to his son and pulling him out of the crowd to sit on his shoulder as he hangs out with the crowd more.

Michael Cole says Brock will be at Raw next week to respond, and that's the show, folks.

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