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Alexa Bliss will upset your kids, even if she’s kind of scared of you

Here’s a great little story from Alexa Bliss, as told to the Idaho Press-Tribune promoting an upcoming WWE house show in Nampa:

“I’m a bad guy right now. So at the last live event, I went to go high-five this woman’s kid and I ended up not doing it and she got really upset with me,” Bliss said, laughing. “Deep down I was kind of scared of her, but it was actually really funny. But that’s why I love traveling. I get to meet so many different people and go to so many different places that I’ve never been before, Nampa for example.”

Bliss is probably not going to beat Becky Lynch to win the SmackDown women’s championship next month but she’s one of the most entertaining stars on the blue brand, in any division. We need more wrestlers upsetting small children at WWE shows.

Go Alexa go.

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