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Seth Rollins explains why he’s still using The Pedigree as his finisher

Seth Rollins did a Facebook Live Q&A session recently and during the course of said Q&A he was asked about his continued use of The Pedigree as his finisher. After all, now that he’s no longer affiliated with Triple H and is actually feuding with him, what’s the point?

His response:

"Look, the reason I did the Pedigree to begin with was as a tribute to Triple H. So now, every single time I deliver a pedigree it's me sticking my fist up in the air and telling him to stick it up his rear end. He thinks he can stick it to me by anointing Kevin Owens as the new guy? There is no replacement for Seth Rollins. So every single Pedigree from now until I drop Triple H on his big, stupid nose, that's gonna mean something. That's me sticking it to the man, sticking it to Triple H. So no, no new finisher, not until I'm done with Triple H."

That’s actually a great explanation that fits the story they’re telling. The reality, of course, is WWE banned the Curb Stomp finish and it made sense to simply give him the Pedigree at the time it was banned. There will come a time it no longer makes sense to use that and perhaps then they’ll come up with something new and interesting.

Until then.

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