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Xavier Woods is out here cutting promos on Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek, host of the popular long running series Jeopardy, made headlines recently when he teased a contestant over the music she likes:

Today, WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods took to Twitter to cut a promo on Trebek:

"Mr. Trebek, Alex Trebek, you're one of the greatest game show hosts of all time, been running Jeopardy for years and you've been killing it! We love you for it. But the other day you said those who listen to nerd rap are losers. Losers? Sir, I listen to nerd rap and I am currently one third of the WWE world tag team champions. Far from loser. FAR from loser! We are not losers, sir, we are a community and culture of people who love what we do and are unashamed of it. So we love you, man, you're the best but just fix that one thing and you'll be cool with us again. It's all good. Go Trebek, but fix that. Nerd rap is the best."

2016, man.

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