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Put Sasha Banks in the Royal Rumble

WWE asked many of its top stars to cut promos promoting tickets going on sale tomorrow morning for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) next January at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. That includes the video you see above, with Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks wanting in on it:

"Let's talk about the Royal Rumble bay-bee! This has to be, what, one of the biggest Royal Rumbles yet? Can I be in the Royal Rumble? You never know, I mean, I'm in the Hell in a Cell? I might get myself in this Royal Rumble, bay-bee! ... Again, it's around my birthday time so please buy your tickets. Come see me. ... Get your tickets, it's going to be an amazing, amazing show, the best Royal Rumble yet because I'm going to be in it ... maybe."

Why not?

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