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Mick Foley: It’s not fair to call Seth Rollins ‘an unsafe wrestler’

Earlier today, Bret Hart posted an apology on his Facebook page, one that included Seth Rollins over comments he made about the former Shield member being an unsafe wrestler due to injuries suffered by multiple opponents who have shared the ring with him. Before that post went live, however, Mick Foley had taken to his own Facebook to write up a post on how he felt it was unfair to call Rollins unsafe, a narrative pushed hardest by The Hitman.

His post:

THE RAP ON ROLLINS ISN'T FAIR Recently, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins seems to be getting stuck with the label of being an...

Posted by Mick Foley on Thursday, October 13, 2016

The last comments Hart made on the matter were simple: If Rollins keeps hurting wrestlers he has matches with — he’s up to three high profile injuries, including John Cena, Sting, and Finn Balor — then he’s unsafe and needs to correct his mistakes. That’s not exactly a hot take but it may not be completely fair and Foley simply presented the other side here.

Who do you agree with?

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