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Mark Henry teases upcoming WWE TV storyline

WWE's 2014 SuperStars For Kids Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

We’ve been waiting for Mark Henry to retire proper dating all the way back to his masterful fake retirement in that glorious salmon jacket in 2013. In October of last year he said he was looking at retiring “sometime after WrestleMania 32.” It’s been almost half a year since that show and he’s still doing work, infrequent as it may be.

In an interview with Myles, he teased an upcoming storyline on WWE television:

"I'm happy in my role. My role is a lot of times behind the camera. We'll be seeing what happens here in a little bit. I think that everybody will be pleasantly surprised."

And about that retirement:

"An honorable death is what every warrior looks for. I'm looking to see who is that going to be, who is qualified? Who can actually get the job done? We still... I got one more apartment for somebody in the Hall of Pain."

It will be sad to see him go, but always happy to know we got the time with him.

The full interview:

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