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Report: WWE believes Paige doesn’t need neck surgery


While Paige is saying she’ll return to WWE if only because she has a contract and she has to, the very public feud between the two sides continues to heat up. The latest? A report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) that WWE doctors believe she doesn’t need neck surgery despite her visiting a specialist and deciding to go through with one.

She is scheduled to get said neck surgery next week and it will keep her out from anywhere between six-to-nine months.

This is now a legal issue, according to the Observer, because if WWE doctors aren’t approving of the surgery that would mean the company isn’t going to pay for it. That could very well be part of what has led to her family speaking out so strongly against WWE in its various public statements.

Part of that was over the belief she was suspended for 60 days due to a Wellness Policy violation over painkillers prescribed to deal with her neck pain. WWE disputed that claim, saying she “tested positive for an illegal substance.”

Either way, it doesn’t look like relations between the two sides will improve anytime soon.

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