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Rusev is upset James Ellsworth is getting a WWE World title shot

While we’re over here celebrating the legendary James Ellsworth, his Dean Ambrose-assisted win over AJ Styles and the WWE World title shot Daniel Bryan has granted him for next Tuesday, Oct. 18 as a result of that win, at least one WWE Superstar finds the who thing pretty ridiculous:

Rusev’s been having a pretty tough time of it since his wedding. First he lost his United States title to Roman Reigns, and then he found out Sami Zayn is rated higher than him in WWE 2K17.

Now this.

So you can understand why (1) he sent this out when Ellsworth hadn’t actually had a title match yet - that wouldn’t be announced until the Talking Smack post-show and (2) he’s forgetting he had a shot at Royal Rumble this past January, since Reigns’ WWE title was on the line in the main event, and he was the second entrant.

But I’m not gonna break either of those pieces of trivia to DA GAWD, especially when he’s still upset about the whole ‘86’ thing...

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