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WWE SmackDown Live results (Oct. 11, 2016): No Mercy fallout show

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 11, 2016) from the SAP Center in San Jose, California featuring the fallout show from the No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) that went down this past Sunday night in Sacramento.

Advertised for tonight: AJ Styles is still champion, Randy Orton teams up with Kane to take on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



All the future ghosts who scratch their names in wet cement, demeaning meaning as they shout out at the emptiness. Abstractions are staked between the anima and animus, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with a recap video covering No Mercy.

Dolph Ziggler is introduced as your NEW Intercontinental Champon and comes out with the title belt around his waist. "You deserve it!" chants ring out and he says "we" did it. He had to say it to believe it-- in the weeks leading up to No Mercy he let it all out and put it all on the line to win the Intercontinental Championship. He didn't think he was gonna be here and tells us to check the TV guide on our cable box if we don't believe it. (It does indeed mention "Dolph Ziggler's exit from WWE" here on Comcast!) He only had one way out, and he had to win.

He then talks about being backstage on Sunday and feeling like he was saying goodbye and he said he made the mistake of doubting himself but he had to know how it would feel if he didn't win. But the moment he walked down the ramp and got in the ring, he know that was where he belongs, his home, and no matter what he was going to walk out a champion.

Miz and Maryse out now, they get in the ring. They're dressed in black with somber expressions on their faces, like they're at funeral, and when Dolph asks them why they're here, Miz says he'd like to take a moment to mourn the death of the Intercontinental Championship. 188 days, no matter what Daniel Bryan threw at him, he brought the prestige back to that title, but Dolph's victory taints that legacy with his mediocrity. But if he thinks that's the end of the story, he's delusional. This is just act two, Miz says, the part of the movie where the hero is in peril and needs to overcome insurmountable odds, and Dolph as champion is just Empire Strikes Back. All stories have the same ending, the hero gets the gold and the girl. He's already got the girl, so he wants the gold back now.

Dolph says that was a really loud story, but he's glad he's out here because he has something he wanted to share. He motions for the video crew to roll the film and they replay short clips from the finish and the post-match of the IC title match on Sunday. Dolph points out Miz's tears and asks him if he's about to cry right now. Miz says he bets Dolph and Bryan had a good laugh about it, but that face is everything he worked for and sacrificed for being taken away from him. He takes it very seriously and gets cut off with a "You were crying!" chant. Miz tells the audience they wouldn't know what passion, pain, and sacrifice is, and neither does Dolph.

And if Miz did so much to keep that title, what do you think he'll do to get it back? He says he's not done with Dolph, and neither are they. It's the Spirit Squad again, here to cheer for a handicap match against Dolph. Miz and Maryse clear out, referee Jason Ayers motions Dolph to a neutral corner and here we go.

Dolph Ziggler vs. the Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) (Handicap Match)

Mikey and Dolph start, whip, reversal, Mikey with a kick to the face but Dolph dumps him. Dolph dumps Kenny to the outside as well and we go to commercial.

...but the match is continuing picture-in-picture during the break?! Miz confronts Dolph on the outside long enough for Kenny to blindside him. Elbow drop across the throat on the apron gets two, short-arm lariat follows up, then a stomp to the face for one. Tag to Mikey, he shoves Dolph in the corner, whip across, Dolph gets an elbow up and throws a dropkick.

Tag to Kenny, overhead elbow drops to the face, straight suplex gets two. He locks a rear chinlock on Dolph and wrenches it in but Dolph struggles to his feet a moment only to be taken down again and we're back from "break". Dolph to his feet and out with body blows, superkick caught and Kenny fires a lariat back before tagging. Elbow drops to the chest courtesy of Mikey, a whip into a sleeper, Dolph shoots him off, ducks a chop, grabs a sleeper of his own.

Mikey rams him into the turnbuckle and whips him but Dolph slides out and takes Kenny off the apron. Mikey with a fireman's carry, Dolph slips out, tag to Kenny, Kenny lays boots in. Double whip, Ziggler with a huge double DDT! Stinger Splash, running clotheslines, looking for the Fameasser but Mikey snaps his neck over the ropes after Kenny ducks it. Jumping clothesline from Kenny, trying to set Dolph up for a powerbomb but Dolph slips out...

Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall with a superkick on Kenny.

Miz rolls in and pounds on Dolph before picking him up for Skull Crushing Finale. Spirit Squad look to join in but Beauty and the Man-Beast run out to even the score!

Commentary puts over the rescheduled Becky Lynch title defense against Alexa Bliss for November 8th and the Randy Orton & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper tag for later in the night, but up next is Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan addressing Survivor Series, so off to break we go!


Back from commercial and commentary puts WWE 2K17 over and tosses to video simulation of Miz/Ziggler in the game interleaved with footage of the actual match.

Bryan and Shane now. Bryan starts, saying they've been talking about how big they can make the show, and Shane says they're gonna keep upping the ante and Raw and SmackDown will compete against each other in the biggest way possible. Shane says they're proposing a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, Raw vs. SmackDown at the show. And Bryan adds the idea of doing a five-team on five-team elimination match, and Shane also suggest doing a five-on-five for the women.

But Raw has to agree first, so Bryan polls the crowd and seeds the answer by doing "YES!" with them.

Carmella making her entrance now, she has a match.

But first, interview footage of Nikki Bella from earlier. She talks about how chaotic and amazing Total Bellas is before saying that since she beat Carmella at No Mercy, things have been great. At which point Carmella attacks her and throws her into a road case. She says one of these days her entire career is going to fall like she did just now.

Naomi comes out, but Carmella attacks her and beats on her before the bell rings and we go back to break with the match in doubt.


Back from commercial and the match is in progress!

Carmella vs. Naomi

Carmella's got a neck crank in and they show her countering Naomi's headscissor butt jiggle during the break. In real-time Naomi fights to her feet but Carmella fights back with a sit-out mat slam and goes right back to the neck crank. Alexa Bliss is shown watching in the back before Naomi escapes by standing up and ramming Carmella back-first into the turnbuckles.

Spinning sit-out jawbreaker from Naomi, that was kinda neat. Low kick, then into the Speedball kicks and the final roundhouse, Naomi declares that it's glow time and bulldogs Carmella into the turnbuckle. Up top for a diving crossbody but Carmella kicks out at two. Whip, reversed, Naomi with the boots up but Carmella catches it and spins her around before slamming her to the mat.

She's dragging Naomi to her feet by the hair when Nikki Bella comes out with a bunch of referees in tow, and Naomi takes advantage of the distraction...

Naomi wins by pinfall with an O'Connor roll.

Nikki chases Carmella around the ring and to the crowd but the refs try to calm her down and Carmella's able to escape to the back. Nikki and Naomi hug in the ring before Nikki raises Naomi's hand, leaving Naomi to celebrate while Alexa watches in the back.

Alexa being interviewed now, she scoffs at the idea that Naomi's on a roll. She prepared for a title match and got a rave, and she promises to put out her Lite Brite, going on to say that she can beat Naomi any day of the week. Bryan rolls up, asks if he heard correctly, and makes the rematch for next week.

Commentary puts AJ Styles' victory speech over before tossing to a Hispanic Heritage video for Eva Longoria, and thence to break.


Back from commercial with a Pay Day-sponsored clip from Total Divas.

Chad Gable vs. Jimmy Uso

Collar-and-elbow, Gable with a waistlock, takes Jimmy down and goes to work on the arm. Arm wringer trip, knee drop armbreaker, kneeling armbar, looking to transition to a Fujiwara and Jimmy scrambles away in pain. Superkick to the knee, off the ropes, Samoan drop gets two. Jimmy working a reverse chinlock, talking trash about how he's got Gable locked down.

Chad to his feet, fighting out with body blows, Jimmy throws a headbutt and tosses him outside. Bodyscissors takes Jimmy outside but he gets right back in and shortly Gable's throwing mounted punches and twisting clothesline when Jimmy slips out. Exploder suplex, looking for a monkey flip but Jimmy sets him up top, ARMBREAKER IN THE ROPES!

Leapfrog, Jimmy dodges, schoolboy, Jey's helping him hold Gable down out of view of the referee...

Jimmy Uso wins by pinfall with a schoolboy.

Cut backstage wtih Mojo Rawley gyrating. Zack Ryder comes over and says the SmackDown tag division is stacked. Mojo agrees and asks where Zack was last night when he had three ladies lined up for them, and Zack could have taken the grenade. Zack says he's not that kind of guy and Mojo ribs him for sitting at home and playing with his toys. They notice the Ascension standing there and ask them what's up, but the painted barbarians stare a moment and walk away. Mojo then declares them not hype.

Speaking of hype, Orton & Kane vs. the Wyatts gets some more and JBL promises that AJ's speech is next to send us to break.


Back from commercial with a hype video for Goldberg on Raw next week.

AJ Styles makes his entrance, yep yep. He says the champ is here and that that has a nice ring to it. He beat Dean Ambrose and John Cena at the same time at No Mercy. That's not just great, it's phenomenal, he cackles. Cheer for him (the crowd obliges), you bunch of losers. He knows they live vicariously through him because he's the champ, but there's only room for one on this bandwagon. He tells them to cheer for John Cena, they do, and he says they can't because he's trying to be Kelly Ripa's co-host. He then tells them to cheer for Dean Ambrose, they do, and he calls him a pathetic lunatic loser.

But enough about them, he wants to talk about himself. He beat Dean Ambrose. He beat John Cena. And some may have not liked how it went down, but AJ Styles is a winner and winners find a way to win. Did he mention that he beat Dean Ambrose and John Cena at the same time? He then repeats that fact. After a moment like that, most champions would take time off, but not him. SmackDown is the land of opportunity, and tonight he's gonna give a main event level opponent an opportunity, so bring his opponent down.

Dean Ambrose's music hits and AJ has a shocked look on his face. Dean says he knows he wasn't talking about him and AJ concurs. Dean knows he wasn't talking about him because he likes the easy way out. Dean had him beat weeks ago and had him tapping out on Sunday. AJ replies that he took advantage of the rules, knowing that two guys can't win a triple threat. Dean says he's not going anywhere, he's not done with AJ, AJ belongs to him and nobody's jumping.

AJ says that's great because his opponent tonight isn't on the roster. James Ellsworth comes down the ramp! AJ hugs him when he gets in the ring, and recounts how Ellsworth was supposed to be his tag partner last month before telling him that he's gonna have a non-title match against the champ tonight. Ellsworth is over the moon and AJ tells Dean to get out.

Dean says he's gotta be perfectly honest, he wants to see this, and that Ellsworth 3:16 says that if you've got two hands, you've got a fighting chance. AJ doesn't like the idea of Dean potentially screwing up Ellsworth's shot and tries to get him to leave again, which brings Daniel Bryan out. Bryan says AJ might be the Champ That Runs the Camp, but he makes the matches. Lucky for AJ, though, he's a huge James Ellsworth fan and the match is gonna happen right now!

But one more thing-- he apologizes to Dean, saying AJ was right, he's not gonna be at ringside... because he's the special guest referee! Dean physically removes the ref shirt from referee Ryan Tran, and Bryan reminds AJ that if he puts hands on the official, he may be fined or suspended. Dean empties his pockets, giving all his stuff to AJ.

He pats AJ down and we go to break but not really. The pat-down is really thorough. Like really thorough, and Ellsworth is rarin' to go!

AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth

They circle but Dean keeps getting in the way. Collar-and-elbow, AJ gets Ellsworth in the corner and Dean forces the break. Another tie-up, AJ turns it into an arm drag. Dean straightens Ellsworth up and explains how to do it back, and Ellsworth does! AJ is shocked and moves on him but James hides behined Ambrose. AJ's so frustrated he takes his shirt off and throws it.

Lock-up again, Styles turns it into a side headlock and fights Ellsworth into the corner and we come back. Kick to the gut, and a wicked forearm. AJ goes to follow up and Dean quick counts him for the break. Another lockup, AJ fires forearms and forces James in the corner again before laying more boots. Styles throws a punch and Dean admonishes him for the closed fist, which AJ points out is totally legal in WWE.

AJ eats a big right from Ellsworth but he hurts his wrist and begs off before bailing and leading AJ on a chase around the ring and back in. Dean trips AJ, Ellsworth with a quick roll-up and Styles levels him with a lariat and a suplex. Styles with a running backbreaker and a loose snapmare. Ellsworth manages to back him in the corner but AJ reverses and locks the Calf Killer on only for Dean to take a phone call and miss Ellsworth's submission entirely.

Styles tosses Ellsworth outside and throws him into the barricade. Dean gets in his face and AJ slams Ellsworth on the mats. Dean warns him and slips back in for a fast count-out but AJ beats the count and rolls Ellsworth in as well. Ellsworth back outside, Dean sends him back in this time and meets with a fan at ringside, signing her poster and taking a pic.

AJ yanks the poster away and tosses it into the crowd. Dean back in the ring with a handful of popcorn, AJ hits the Styles Clash and Dean refuses to count three. AJ breaks the pin to jaw at him... Dirty Deeds! Ambrose looks back and forth between the two unconscious bodies in the ring before dragging Ellsworth onto AJ. NO GOOD! Dean goes back to ringside for a sip of somebody's beer before rolling in, hitting a second Dirty Deeds, and fast-counting...

James Ellsworth over AJ Styles by pinfall while totally unconscious.

Ellsworth "celebrates" by taking a nap on the ramp while Dean stands tall.

Cut to Orton stalking backstage. He runs into Kane and tells him he's the only other one in the building who knows what it's like to go through hell. He's tired of living in Bray Wyatt's world and wonder if Bray can handle living in his. It's a world of agony, misery, chaos, and voices begging him to stop, but he doesn't listen. There's no way out in his world. He asks Kane if he wants to come along for the ride and Kane's in. He tells Randy he has issues.

Commentary puts the Royal Rumble over and throws to the video package running the numbers for the match itself to send us to break.


Back from commercial with a recap of the previous match.

AJ Styles is backstage yelling at Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, threatening to slap the teeth out of Bryan's mouth. Shane tells him if he's gonna be angry at anybody, he needs to be angry at himself before pointing out that the loss is official. AJ says he might have to take things into his own hands, and Bryan says speaking of Ellsworth, he has an idea for next week...

Orton/Kane vs. the Wyatts is up next and we go to break with another ad for Total Bellas.


Back from commercial with a video for the More Than Pink campaign.

The Wyatts make their entrance and Harper gets on the mic. He says the world put him to sleep but now he's wide awake and he's seen the light. Bray says the light is shining brighter than it ever has, but it can't pierce the darkness. There's a black hole that consumes everything that touches it, and from this black hole come the crusaders of dominance, the gods. So bring you monster, Randy, because Bray has his, and he's going to jam you into the black hole, abyss. (Different guy, Bray. Doesn't even work here.)

And then we go to break one more time.


Back from commercial and Bray and Harper are still waiting in the ring when Kane's pyro hits. He and Randy Orton make their entrances and we're off.

Kane & Randy Orton vs. the Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper)

Harper and Kane start, slugging it out. Kane looks for a body slam and Harper fires strikes back and tags Wyatt in. Bray throwing hands, Kane tosses him in the corner and throws combinations. Wyatt off the ropes and into a clothesline, he bails but Randy is waiting and slams his head against the apron before rolling him in the ring. Kane gets the goozle but Wyatt breaks and bails to send us to commercial. No picture-in-picture for this one though, weird.

Back from break and Orton's in, punching Harper who is perched up top. Orton hits that beautiful superplex of his and both men are grabbing air. Tag to Kane, shoulder block, corner clotheslines, side slam gets two, off the ropes for a seated dropkick, goozles on both men but he breaks. Harper throws a dropkick and shoves Kane outside. Tag to Wyatt, who slams him into the apron and the barricade before tossing him back in. Running senton gets one, strikes, tag to Harper, superkick to the chest, now Kane's down in the corner and Luke stomps his feet before tagging Bray back in.

Bray keeps kicking him while he's down, quick tag to Harper. Luke with that right hand and a front chancery before whipping Kane to the ropes. Kane back with a DDT, the crowd is amped for the tag to Orton, and they get it. Lariats to Wyatt, ducks one in return, scoop powerslam, Lou Thesz press into punches! Looking for the rope-hung DDT but Bray slips out and they trade hands outside. Harper runs over and gets tossed over the announce table before Orton takes Wyatt to the barricade and the steps.

Orton rolls Wyatt into the ring and Bray begs off. It was a ruse but Randy sidesteps and hits the rope-hung DDT this time. He's going to that place but he gets distracted when Kane cuts Harper off from entering the ring. Referee Mike Chioda is too preoccupied getting Kane back in his spot and Bray shoves Orton into a superkick from Harper to counter the RKO. Wyatt looks to follow-up with the senton but Orton rolls out of the way. Looking for tags but the sound effect plays and the lights go out.

When they come back on, Harper is in Kane's place on the apron, hand out for the tag. Orton turns back to Wyatt to get business done...

Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper win by pinfall with Sister Abigail on Randy Orton.

Kane is nowhere to be found as Wyatt and Harper pose on the ramps, and that's the show, folks.

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