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Let’s watch Rusev get mad at other wrestlers having higher ratings in WWE 2K17

The big promotional push for WWE 2K17 is on, and that includes this video of Lana unboxing a special NXT edition while Rusev plays the actual game. He gets really upset at the fact that there are other wrestlers with higher ratings, really losing it when he sees that Sami Zayn is an 87 and he’s an 86.

“How is this even... who is responsible for this?”

It’s been a long time since I would classify myself as a “gamer” but Rusev is a 98 at worst and he has every right to be disgusted at the obviously flawed rating system.

There are other gems in the video, like Lana putting over Finn Balor’s abs on his action figure and Rusev responding with this:

What a guy.

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