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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 10, 2016): California dreaming

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 10, 2016) from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: Charlotte may or may not demand her rematch with Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins is still piecing things together, Roman Reigns and Rusev prepare for Hell, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Win or lose, nought to choose, all men are equal when their memory fades. No one knows, friends or foes, if Valhalla lies beyond the grave, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with the intro video, then commentary welcomes us to the show.

Sasha Banks is out first. She gets on the mic to the tune of "You deserve it!" chants, saying she feels like she's on top of the world, but it wasn't that long ago that she was at the top of the stands or at home watching on TV as a little Boss. She'd watch her hero Eddie Guerrero lie, cheat, and steal and thought to herself that she wants to be like that. She'd watch Trish and Lita tear it down in the main event and think she wants to be like that. And she was, when she beat Charlotte in the main event of Raw last week. She put her body on the line and stole the show, becoming a 2-time WWE Women's Champion.

But it's not just for her, but for all the women before her, all the women yet to come, and all the little girls watching her now and thinking they want to be her. She tells them to come get it, and she wants to up the ante for her rematch at Hell in a Cell by putting it inside the cell and make history one more time. This brings Charlotte out... and Rusev right behind her? That's weird. He and Lana breeze right past Charlotte and make their way to the ring.

Rusev tells the crowd to settle down and says no one cares about their stupid women's revolution or that they main evented Raw, because Rusev is the main event wherever he goes, and at Hell in a Cell-- Charlotte snatches the mic from him and says that her title might be around Sasha's waist but who the hell does he think he is? No one disrespects the queen, she says, before accepting Sasha's challenge to the delight of the audience.

Rusev takes the mic back and says that's good for you but he wasn't finished, black swan. This is his ring, and whatever he says goes, and when Rusev says-- Sasha yanks the mic away from him this time, dropping it on the mat. Lana picks it up and says the other two are lost women and need to know their place. Constantly fighting to be seen as women but they whine like little girls, she says, continuing on a tangent about how Hell in a Cell is for real men when Sasha and Charlotte deck her. Rusev tends to her and they dropkick him out of the ring!

Rusev gets on the apron and back in the ring when Roman Reigns' music hits! Rusev strips his tracksuit jacket and the shirt underneath off, he's ready for a fight... or not, since he bails as soon as Roman actually gets in the ring. Roman poses with the title as they back up the ramp, then the camera cuts to Sasha holding her title up and jawing with Charlotte.

Commentary promises Paul Heyman addressing Goldberg's comments later tonight, as well as Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins, and throws us to break with a house ad for the Network.


Back from commercial and Michael Cole puts over the WWE2K17 Goldberg preorder deal.

Big E then does the thing and New Day make their entrance. Big E is pulling Booty-Os out of his singlet and throwing them to the crowd. That's sure some flavor, I bet. Xavier says the Bay Area is home to some of the greatest pairs in the world. Kofi throws out Jose Canseco & Mark McGuire, Big E adds Clay Thompson and Steph Curry, Kofi throws in Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse, which Xavier clarifies is a Full House reference. Thanks X, but I need more help with the sportball ones. (Also, c'mon, no James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich? No Daves Mustaine and Ellefson? Gary Holt & Tom Hunting? Chuck Billy & Eric Peterson? Not one Bay Area thrash pair?)

Xavier makes a poker joke about having a full house when they wrestle Cesaro and Sheamus but Big E and Kofi are doubtful. E puts Cesaro over big and then Kofi buries Sheamus with a big poster card labeling him as hot garbage. Xavier says they do have the title shot Mick Foley gave them in common and they do the hip swivel. Xavier says at Hell in a Cell they'll show them why they're the best, because New Day Rocks, etc, etc.

Cesaro's music hits, he has a match with Kofi!

Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Collar and elbow, Cesaro wrings the arm, grabs a headlock, Kofi shoots him off, Cesaro with a deadlift to a fireman's carry, Kofi struggles to the ropes, Cesaro dumps him to the outside and does a Tiger feint. Flying headscissors from Kofi, then a fakeout dive when Cesaro moves out of the way. Slingshot dive misses, Cesaro faces off with New Day but Sheamus is sitting on the steps messing with his phone and we go to commercial.

Back from break and Cesaro lands a diving elbow for two. Whip to the corner, Kofi gets the boot up double jump crossbody gets two back of his own. Jumping lariat, Boom Drop, Kofi starts clapping, Cesaro ducks Trouble in Paradise and hits a pair of uppercuts. Uppercut Train is a rollin' and he caps it off with a big boot for two. Looking for the Neutralizer, Kofi slips out, Trouble in Paradise attempt number two is caught into a leg takedown.

Kofi off the top, catches his leg on the rope and Cesaro sets him up for the swing. Sheamus accosts the other two members of the New Day and when we cut back, Kofi reverses...

Kofi Kingston wins by pinfall with a small package.

Cesaro and Sheamus argue after the match and Sheamus walks off, leaving Cesaro in the ring.

Michael Cole then announces a mixed tag for later in the night, Roman & Sasha vs. Rusev & Charlotte, before promising Goldberg's statement from ESPN next and throwing to break with an ad for Total Bellas.


Back from commercial and they replay Goldberg's interview before putting the Heyman response over again.

It's Bayley! And she has a match!

Bayley vs. Cami Fields

Collar-and-elbow to start, Bayley pushes Fields in the corner and boxes her ears. Waistlock, Fields reverses, Bayley turns it into a side headlock, Fields reverses, Bayley shoots her off, drop-down, hip toss, off the ropes for a sliding lariat. Arm wringer, whip, reversal, back elbow cuts Fields off, diving arm drag, Fields catches her with forearms in the corner.

Shoulder thrusts in the corner, Bayley overshoots a sunset flip and gets stomped when she realigns. Whip, reversal...

Bayley wins by pinfall with the Bayley-to-Belly.

Bayley celebrates up the ramp but Dana Brooke attacks her from behind at the top! The wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube man lies dead across Bayley's prone body as Dana sort of awkwardly shuffles back towards the doorway.

Mick Foley's going to be addressing Sasha and Charlotte's proposal for Hell in a Cell tonight, and we go to break on another house ad for the Network.


Back from commercial and Jericho's talking on the phone when R-Truth walks by. Every week he gives these idiots the Gift of Jericho, he's a multi-time champion, best in the world at what he does, all that. He tells the person it's their job to get him his payday when R-Truth shows him the delicious Pay Day candy bar he's holding! Jericho tells him that's not what he meant, Truth says it's his bad and walks off, to which Jericho replies that he didn't mean he didn't want it.

Drew Gulak & Tony Nese vs. Lince Dorado & Sin Cara

Dorado and Cara, of course, 2/3s of your 2008 Chikara King of Trios winners. Gulak and Dorado start. Drop down, leapfrog, Dorado with a headscissors takeover, tag to Nese. Dorado with a right hand, tag to Cara, Sin in, back body drop leg drop on Nese, tag to Dorado, double stomp to the arm, Nese forces Lince into his corner and Gulak chokes him and tears at his mask.

Tag to Gulak, big boot in the corner gets one, gutwrench into a Gory Special, tag made, Nese lays a boot in and fires off crossface blows before setting on a reverse chinlock. Tag to Gulak, whip, handspring double back elbow, tag to Sin Cara. Big quebrada, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, springboard crossbody, roll-through one-arm powerbomb, Nese breaks up the pin! Sin dropkicks Nese off the apron and tags Dorado, suicide dive from Cara, diving headscissors takeover and a spinning wheel kick from Dorado...

Lince Dorado & Sin Cara win by pinfall with a shooting star press from Lince Dorado on Drew Gulak.

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon backstage. She puts Mick's custom plaid suit over and asks if she can join Mick for his address. He agrees, and it's up next.


Back from break and we're putting the More Than Pink campaign over.

Mick and Steph are in the ring already. Steph says the crowd is chanting for Mick's awesome suit and says No Mercy was also awesome, but Hell in a Cell is going to blow it away. She does the cheap pop and tosses to Mick. Foley thanks her and says we already have one huge Hell in a Cell match and talks about Sasha wanting her match in the Cell. Steph says that's never been done before, and Mick says he didn't want to break it to the women that they get what they want just because they want it, but because they get what they deserve.

Last week they made history he says, and they deserve to make history again at Hell in a Cell, and he and Stephanie have decided that the Raw Women's Championship match will indeed be inside the Cell. They have two Hell in a Cell matches, and Seth Rollins asked for his rematch, and he's getting it, but it will also be inside the Cell.

Kevin Owens comes out in response to this, with Jericho in tow. Owens asks Jericho if he can believe this and congratulates Mick for outdoing himself this week, because that's the stupidest decision he's made yet. Owens doesn't want to be in Hell in a Cell, because he wants to have a nice long career and not end up a washed-up general manager like Foley. He's better than that, because he's Universal Champion, you see.

Jericho then says that just because Rollins asked, he got the match, huh, is Mick like a genie now? Can he ask for a Team Chris & Kevin private jet? Owens says Seth doesn't deserve a match because he's beat him twice now. Jericho says it all comes from the vendetta Foley has against him and now he's taking it out on his best friend. Mick reiterates that he liked him when they met, and Jericho goes on about how dangerous Hell in a Cell is. Jericho puts him on the List for what has to be at least the fiftieth time. Mick says as much and Jericho doubles down on it.

Jericho asks Steph if she can take care of Foley, but Steph has Mick's back and says Jericho needs to show some respect. She doesn't care what list she makes, and Y2J feigns like he wasn't writing anything. Steph says Seth had a very legitimate grievance and they listened to him, and he wants to take it out on Jericho as much as he does Owens. Jericho says he'd like to see him try, and Steph says she had an idea watching SmackDown's triple threat title match last night.

If Jericho beats Rollins tonight, he gets into the title match at Hell in a Cell, and everybody is happy. Jericho scribbles a name off the List that is almost certainly not Stephanie's. She bids Owens to have a nice day and the four jaw at each other as Steph's music plays.

Seth Rollins is backstage, staring into the distance. Oh, it's an interview. He says he knows Charly is new but this is how things go. Steph loves to pull strings and she's good at it, always thinking five steps ahead. But it doesn't matter, because he's gonna crush her plan by beating Jericho tonight, and one-on-one with Owens in the Cell, he'll obsolete her plan, which gets "Delete!" chants.

She's trying to manipulate Owens since she can't play Seth anymore, and he talks about how Owens will have to wonder about Jericho's friendship if he makes it into the title match. He's no longer a cog in the machine, but he's the man that's gonna destroy that machine piece by piece.

Commentary puts the mixed tag over again, as well as Heyman's comments, before throwing to break with an ad for SmackDown tomorrow promising Orton/Kane vs. Wyatt/Harper.


Back from commercial and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are in the ring. We cut to preshow footage of Bo telling Axel that he's better left alone. Axel says he always believed in Bo and says he'll go to Mick and get them a match because nobody outlasts the Outcasts, and Dallas concurs with some dark poetry.

Enzo & Cass come out and do the deal but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows hit the ring and beat them down! Boot of Doom on Enzo, big boot lays Cass out and Machine Gun pounds on him before they get him up... Magic Killer on the big man!

That sends us to break, no match.


Back from commercial and commentary recaps the Club's attack. Axel gets on the mic and asks if they were on Swerved. He asked for a tag match and they're gonna get it, by god, so send two more guys out so he can prove he still believes in Bo.

Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel vs. Neville & Sami Zayn

Bo and Zayn to start, collar-and-elbow, Bo pushes Sami in the corner and rains hands down. Whip across, lariat, back elbows on back elbows, short-arm lariat, knee drops to the face before referee John Cone forces him to break. Tag to Axel, he throws rights and kicks to the gut, sends Sami off the ropes and nails him with a dropkick before forearming Neville off the apron.

Back suplex, Sami lands on his feet, exploder suplex in the corner, Helluva Kick, tag to Neville...

Neville & Sami Zayn win by pinfall with a Red Arrow on Curtis Axel.

Bo stalks off by himself after, leaving Axel in pain on the apron while Neville and Zayn celebrate.

Cut to Charlotte stretching backstage when Lana walks up. Lana says she knows Charlotte thinks she's the queen but she had no rights to put her hands on Lana. Charlotte says she's Lana's physical superior in every way, and Lana responds that Charlotte may be Rusev's partner tonight, but she's Rusev's partner for life, and she better stay out of her way or face severe consequences. That sends us to break.


Back from commercial and Golden Truth are making their entrance. They play a Facebook video to explain how the match came about in the locker room earlier tonight. Titus says something about R-Truth being like crabs in the butt, and challenges him to a match over Truth getting the Pay Day deal, saying he's going to #MakeItAWin.

R-Truth vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus shoves Truth and Truth takes him down and pounds on him. Titus throws him off and cuts him off before throwing him in the ropes. Truth shimmies and dabs, ducks a lariat and throws a kick for one. Whip, kick to the chops, Titus returns the favor with a big boot. Grounded punches get Titus one, then he picks Truth up by the hair for a body slam.

Truth fires desperate punches from his knees and Titus picks him up for the ribbreakers into the slam. Goldust stamps on the steps to fire the crowd up...

R-Truth wins by pinfall with a schoolboy.

Backstage with Brian Kendrick, he gets up with a start because TJ Perkins walks over. He says hit the pause button, greasy Jack Sparrow and takes a seat. He knows who Brian Kendrick really is, and he's just afraid that if he fails now, he's done. He doesn't need the cheap shots, he would have given him another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship just because of who he was and the time they spent together. He asks if Kendrick remembers the trip they took when TJP's N64 broke and Kendrick got him a new one, before saying it's not to late for him to be the Brian Kendrick and offering a hand.

Kendrick goes to jump him and Perkins knocks him down, saying he guesses he was wrong to send us to break.


Back from commercial and there are sportsballmen in attendance at the show again. One of them has a replica Million Dollar Championship!

Byron Saxton interviews the Splash Brothers, and they say they're here to make a splash. Clay Splash is California indie regular Marcus Lewis, who is not related to former NXT star Marcus Louis.

Braun Strowman vs. the Splash Brothers (Steven & Clay Splash) (Two-on-One Handicap Match)

The brothers take it to him with kicks, but Braun runs over Steven. Clay gets a sleeper but Braun does a corner avalanche on Steven and shakes Clay off. Double dropkick from the big man! Running powerslam on Clay...

Braun Strowman wins by pinfall with an inverted chokeslam on Steven Splash.

Byron goes to interview Braun but the big man takes the mic out of his hands. He repeats that he asked Foley for real competition, and this is what he gets? He doesn't care if he sends twenty men out at once, they'll end up one big pile of bodies. He wants real competition next week, and if he doesn't get it, the results will be on Foley.

Commentary puts over WWE 2K17's release tomorrow and we throw to an ad for it before they talk about the Goldberg preorder deal again.

Roman is backstage with Sasha, asking her if she's ready. She says she's ready and Roman says the Cell isn't fun and games. She says she knows what she's getting into and tells Roman to just worry about Rusev, because she has Charlotte taken care of, and that takes us to break.


Back from commercial and commentary puts over the Royal Rumble and throws to a video package about the Rumble match itself.

Charlotte comes out now, so the mixed tag is up next.

Charlotte & Rusev vs. Roman Reigns & Sasha Banks

Rusev and Roman to start but Charlotte tags herself in. Rusev tags himself in before they can do anything, however. Circling, collar-and-elbow, Rusev gets Roman against the ropes, Roman grabs a side headlock, Rusev shoots him off and eats a shoulder block, drop-down, Rusev catches him with a spinning wheel kick. Body blows and rights to the face in the corner as referee Chad Patton counts. Choking Reigns with a knee now, then a short-arm lariat.

Roman blocks a punch and fires one of his own. Rusev with a knee, off the ropes but Roman's right behind him and nails him with a lariat. More rights, a whip, reversal, Roman hits another lariat on the rebound and goes to the corner lariats, punctuating them with the boot. Roman calls for the Superman Punch but Charlotte runs interference. Sasha knocks her down and Reigns clotheslines Rusev over the ropes to the outside to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Rusev has a reverse chinlock in on Reigns. Roman fights to his feet with strikes and Rusev throws a big dropkick for two. Elbows to the kidney and a straight suplex follow for another two-count. Rusev stares Sasha down before whipping Roman to the corner but he eats a Superman Punch! Sasha wants the tag but Charlotte gets it first.

Running clotheslines and a dropkick, Sasha catches the boot and fires a knee before hitting the pop-up Meteora. Double knees in the corner set up the rope-hung knee drop for two. Charlotte with a lot hot shot into a rollup but Sasha reverses to the Bank Statement, Roman cuts Rusev off with a spear...

Roman Reigns & Sasha Banks win by pinfall with the Bank Statement on Charlotte.

Some recaps from earlier in the show follow.

Jericho and Owens are backstage murmuring when Tom Phillips rolls up on them. Jericho calls his question a stupid idiom, and Owens says he has as many answers as Seth does, and it doesn't matter whether it's a singles or a triple threat, because he's walking out with the WWE Universal Championship. Jericho ads that since they're best friends, if one of them is champion, they're both champion. Owens says he and Jericho discussed his bailing last week and agreed that once in a while you gotta take a bullet for the team and agrees that as long as one of them is champion, they're both champion.

Owens tells Phillips to leave and when he doesn't immediately Jericho throws a fit and puts him on the List as Felipe Thomastein. Close enough!

Cut to Paul Heyman walking backstage, so that's coming up next after the break.


Back from commercial and they replay the Goldberg video again.

Paul E is in the ring with a mic, and he introduces himself as usual and throws to a video package of Brock Lesnar taking Goldberg to Suplex City in WWE 2K17. He says we've all been wondering what could happen if we saw that again, which is just factually wrong. Every time somebody debuts or gets on a roll, they get Goldberg chants, he says. All the titles Goldberg won, all the legends he beat, all the opponents he conquered, and his career ran parallel to Brock's.

The one thing that keeps Paul up at night is that Goldberg is one up on Brock Lesnar, which is why he's been authorized tonight to come out and let us all know that Goldberg is hereby challenged to a fight. One-on-one, Beast vs. Myth, Icon vs. Icon, anywhere, any place, any time, Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. It's not just for the wannabe gangsters and psuedo-Samoans here tonight, but it's worldwide, and he can live in a fantasy land in a video game or he can step into the ring and be beaten, victimized, and conquered by Brock Lesnar, because in Suplex City, he's not Goldberg, he's next.

From there we cut to another Emma vignette.

Back in the arena, Brian Kendrick is making an entrance to join commentary for TJ Perkins' match, which is next.


Back from break and we recap TJP and Kendrick's backstage segment from earlier.

Ariya Daivari gets a picture-in-picture promo, which he cuts entirely in Persian.

Ariya Daivari vs. TJ Perkins

Daivari with clubbing blows out the gate but Perkins slips away and does the rope-hung taunt and tricks him into diving to the outside. Ariya recovers quickly but TJP hits a double jump crossbody. Not too much longer he gets the kneebar but Daivari gets the ropes. Ariya hides in the corner and clobbers TJP with a forearm and then a knee off the ropes. Mounted punches to the champion followed by a knee to the back and fishhooks in the eyes. Rear chinlock applied, wrenching it in and keeping Perkins on the mat.

TJP to his feet, clips Daivari with a flip kick but Daivari comes back with a neckbreaker. He drags TJP to his feet and rams in the corner, yelling in his face. Whip across the ring, TJ eats the turnbuckles hard, back-first. Daivari slaps him and whips him, but TJP ducks a lariat and gets a wheelbarrow bulldog. Charges in, Perkins with a neckbreaker of his own, then the Detonation Kick for two. Perkins goes to the top but Daivari meets him and cuts him off.

Perkins shoots him away, sunset flip, Ariya reverses to a victory roll but it's no good. Rolling elbow and superkick get a tight nearfall for Daivari. He goes up top himself now, looking for the Magic Carpet Ride but Perkins rolls out of the way. Triangle dropkick, wheelbarrow into the kneebar, the leg is crossed...

TJ Perkins wins by submission with the TJP Clutch.

Kendrick stands up and claps for TJP and they have a staredown on the ramp.

Cut to Jericho walking backstage all smug-like. Steph intercepts him and compliments his scarf, saying she has one just like it. She wishes him luck, and Jericho says they've never had a problem, not once. Steph agrees, and Jericho says in the interest of full transparency he has to admit that earlier he got hot and nearly wrote her on the list. He stopped because he realized he has no idea how to spell her name.

Steph says she can't wait to see the look on Shane's face when Raw upstages him with an awesome three-way in the Cell. She then suggests that, when he's in the match, he'll know what to do. Owens rolls up as she leaves and asks what that was all about, and Jericho replies simply that it was friendship.

Hispanic Heritage video for Tito Santana now before we head to break.


Back from commercial with a Pay Day-sponsored ad for Total Bellas.

Commentary puts a Goldberg tweet announcing that he'll be on Raw next week over.

Jericho out now, so it's main event time.

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins (If Jericho wins, he gets added to the WWE Universal Championship match at Hell in a Cell)

Jericho starts off jawing and throws his scarf at Rollins, so Seth stomps a mudhole before wiping his butt with the scarf and throwing it back. More blows in the corner but Jericho rakes the eyes to break free. Chop for chop, Rollins with a snapmare, off the ropes for a Penalty Kick. Jericho hugs on referee Rod Zapata but Rollins pulls him off and gets him in the corner. Whip, reversal, diving blockbuster from Seth gets two.

Another chop, a whip but Jericho grabs the ropes and bails outside. Slingshot dropkick to the outside takes Y2J out and Rollins follows up by throwing him into the barricade a few times. Rollins breaks the count and hits an axehandle off the apron before throwing Jericho into the steps and back in the ring. Kevin Owens' music hits and he saunters down the ramp. Rollins is distracted long enough to eat a kick to the gut and a suplex that drops him rib-first on the top rope and this sends us back to break.

Back from commercial and Jericho is caving Seth's shoulder in with stomps. Seth fires back with chops and forearms but Y2J cuts him off with knees to the ribs before setting him up top and throwing a big kick to the ribs that knocks Seth to the mat. Jericho drags Rollins to his feet and throws slaps but Rollins comes right back with slaps of his own. Chris working an abdominal stretch, clubbing blows to the ribs but Seth fights out with elbows. Reverse STO into the turnbuckles but Seth's ribs are hurting so bad he can't capitalize.

Jericho with forearms, Seth meets them, flying forearm knocks him down but Rollins comes back with a 540 enzuigiri and running forearms. Sling Blade gets two, Seth looking for a suplex but his ribs give out and Jericho catches him with a knee to the gut. Jericho with a fireman's carry but Seth slips out and hits a back suplex backbreaker. Rollins goes up top but Jericho cuts him off and crotches him on the turnbuckle.

Y2J looking for a superplex but Rollins blocks, turning it into an avalanche gourdbuster. Diving crossbody but Jericho catches him in the ribs with a dropkick! Another knee to the ribs, a whip sends him chest-first into the turnbuckle, Y2J wants a Codebreaker but Rollins catches him and drops him to the mat before hitting Avada Kedavra for a nearfall. Trading strikes on their feet, Rollins wins the exchange with a jumping knee but gets sent to the apron.

Slingshot dropkick takes Owens out, into a springboard knee strike but Jericho picks the leg and locks the Walls of Jericho in! Rollins powers himself up and crawls to the ropes. Owens with a cheap shot while Chris has Zapata distracted but Seth kicks out of the cover that follows. Stomping Rollins on the apron, Jericho going for the triangle dropkick but Rollins rolls back in and targets Owens with a suicide dive!

Back in the ring he cuts Jericho off with a kick and lands the springboard knee hard, bowling Jericho over. Rollins up top, maybe thinking Frog Splash... but the pool is empty! Lionsault gets two! Jericho headed up top himself now, but he's slow going and Rollins cuts him off with an enzuigiri. Jericho goes back to the ribs and throws headbutts to knock Seth down again but just dives into a superkick. Looking for the Pedigree, Jericho rolls through, looking for the Walls but Seth reverses...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with a small package.

Owens runs in immediately and puts boots to Rollins, pounding him unmerciful and screaming that it's his title and he's the man. A pop-up powerbomb attempt fails, Rollins looks for the Pedigree but Jericho runs in and starts stomping Seth himself. Whip, looking for a lariat, Rollins reverses to a Pedigree and connects! Owens abandons his pal again, walking up the ramp. That's the show, folks.

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