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Triple H is such a tease


That’s a good tease for the Royal Rumble itself, which is always a good time, but also a good tease for surprise returns, which always happen, but also also a good tease for his return in particular.

It seems crazy to think WWE would hold off on bringing him back to action for that long — then again it might take Mick Foley that long to finally figure out that, yes, evil ass Stephanie McMahon is in cahoots with her equally evil ass husband — but crazier things have happened. Perhaps Seth Rollins will be well on his way to winning the Rumble and earning another crack at the Universal title when The Game shows up to toss him out?

Or, hell, maybe Trips goes back-to-back and wins the Rumble again this year.

This may also be an excuse to get excited for the Royal Rumble, which is now just a couple months away from invading the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

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