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Jake Roberts wants to help Johnny Manziel: 'I'll take care of him'

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From his interview with the Jobbing Out podcast:

"I'm trying to get a hold of Johnny Manziel and I'm going to tell that boy, 'You need to get on antabuse.' I understand where his head is at. I understand what it is to be Jake the Snake, or Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football. You got all of these expectations from other people. Not just yourself, but other people. You start being the party guy for them. ... If somebody can put me in contact with him, do it. Not only him, but several of those guys who are screwing up out there... like that Trevone Boykin. You were going to be in a bowl game, and look what you did. I'd love to get a hold of him and sit him down. Say what I did in my career and what I did. At least I had a career before I blew it. Let's get Johnny Manziel out here. I'll take care of him... I'll save his life or drive him crazy, one of the two."

Manziel is -- or was -- the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns before getting himself in trouble for being caught partying during a time his coaches felt he should have been preparing to play. His story is difficult to unpack but the consensus seems to be that he has a problem with alcohol and needs help to overcome it lest he lose out on a lucrative career as a football player in the NFL.

Roberts seems to think he can provide that.

Hey, if nothing else is working, maybe it's worth a shot. If you're talented enough to start at QB in the NFL, you're a rarity and should do everything within your power to maximize your potential.

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