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Sasha Banks isn't denying reports that she's injured, but she's not confirming them either

Just yesterday, reports started making the rounds, via the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that Sasha Banks is out of action with an undisclosed injury. She's missed the past couple episodes of WWE television and the injury bug is going around.

After a brief period of social media silence, Banks responded to the reports with this:

Followed up by her reblogging this:

That's not an outright denial, but it's not confirmation either. The hope is if she is injured, it's nothing serious and she'll be back in our wrestling lives sooner rather than later. Or, even better, that the initial report was wrong and she's simply not being used at the moment.

Update: For what it's worth, PW Insider is reporting that Sasha is "banged up" and "pulled from the ring" following the match with Becky Lynch at Raw in Brooklyn.

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