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This couple in the crowd at the 2010 Royal Rumble deserves your attention

Just watch this GIF for a while and fall in love with your new favorite people.

It's that time of the year where all of us here at Cageside Seats are rewatching every Royal Rumble in history. During my viewing of the 2010 Royal Rumble, I happened to notice this unbelievably perfect couple having a massive blast counting down the next entrant.

rumble couple

Wondering who the entrant in question was? If you check the GIF again, you can see the woman SINGING ALONG TO THE BIG SHOW'S THEME while her fella gives begrudging respect applause.

This is perfect. They are perfect. They are all of us. They are wrestling fans in one GIF. Having fun counting down with the crowd, doing an unironic ironic Scott Hall point, then that INSTANTANEOUS moment of "aw for cryin out loud it's WELLLLLL IT'S THE BIIIIG SHOOOOOWWWWWW." We've all been there. We're all there all the time.

Thank you, Rumble Couple, for teaching us about the human condition ... and about ourselves.

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