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Dean Ambrose tells ESPN that what you see is what you get with him, and what you get is a guy who hates the Steelers

WWE's partnership with ESPN to have segments on the Jonathon Coachman-hosted Tuesday night SportsCenter has been a bit of a bumpy road.

The quality or newsworthiness of the segments has varied depending on who's available for the interview. Last  night saw Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose join Coach for a chat, and as many interviewers can attest, there's never a dull moment with the Lunatic Fringe.

In part, that's because Ambrose, a self-described "historian" of the business, largely communicates in wrestling promos. He cuts several in response to questions from the host, and also does a lot of his signature dance moves.

Check it out...

The big takeaway for this Pittsburgh boy is Ambrose's affiliation with my favorite football and hockey teams' rivals. Considering that he's from the "nasty 'Nati" he's particularly excited about Saturday night's AFC wild card playoff match-up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Answering a question about whether he likes the Bengals or the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers more (because he's a fan of teams that wear orange and can't win the big one, apparently), the champ can't let the topic go without gritting his teeth and saying, "I hate the Steelers, man."

See you on Saturday night, Dean-o.

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