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'I don't need to WOO' - Ric Flair shows Charlotte how to heel in WWE Raw Fallout video

With the Divas championship and PCB break-up story taking a big leap forward last night as Charlotte clearly turned on Becky Lynch after the Lasskicker secured a victory in their non-title "spirit of competition" match last night on Raw, I knew a backstage interviewer would be seeking the champ out to ask her "WHY!?!?"

I didn't expect to be given evidence that Ric Flair can still be THE MAN as he approaches his 67th birthday, however.

For a while now, Naitch's presence on WWE television has either been sort of nonsensical or downright grating. Honestly, I had put most of that down to age & lifestyle and only a little to his being better suited to play a bad guy. This brief video makes me think I should have attributed most of it to his not being cut out to play a 'Reality' era face, however.

Can I just throw something in there? Okay, she's the Divas champion, she's on the cover of Muscle & Fitness, she's the greatest athlete in the history of the WWE - female or male. So, what do you...what else do you want to know? Why don't you just get her autograph, she'll shake your hand and you can be lucky to know her?

The Divas champ also comes across much better now that she's been freed to play a villain. Charlotte still hasn't quite figured it out, though. Just when I thought we'd get all the way through without the trademark sound they've run into the ground establishing that, yes, she is Ric's kid...

Charlotte: Do you want to WOO for me?

Ric: I don't need to WOO. He needs to WOO.

Of course, they both do it, but Flair's petulant response is classic.

Whether that's by design or not, it can be explained away by the story, since the angle they're working here is that Pops is teaching his daughter how to stay on top by any means necessary. She still has a little bit of that desire to please the fans, but the Nature Boy will show her that it doesn't matter what the little people think.

Amazing what WWE can do when they focus on characters instead of factions and personality instead of gender...

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