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Miz says WWE talent are drug tested 'non-stop'

No word on the testing policy for 'Santa's Little Helper'
No word on the testing policy for 'Santa's Little Helper'

Turns out the most important thing to come out of The Miz's interview on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast wasn't that Big Show has frequent, stinky farts.

No, the actual interesting news item would be the former MTV 'reality' star and WWE champion's discussion of how wrestlers are drug tested in today's WWE...

We are tested more than an NFL [player], Major League Baseball player, or in the NBA. I mean, we are tested nonstop, all day, every day. We're not allowed to have Sudafed. [If] you have a Sudafed, you're out 30 days, so it's legit. The stuff you maybe got away with back in the day, you don't get away with now. And kudos to WWE because they took an interest in our health. We get tested. Our hearts get tested. We get tested every six months. We get blood tested, we get our heart monitored, and it's great.

Will leave it to folks more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of WWE's talent contracts and wellness policy to discuss the impacts and validity of Miz's quote, but this is an excellent reminder of why he's so valuable to the company. This is exactly the way they want their ambassadors to handle this topic.

For more from the interview, including who he rides with on the road, how his being treated like an outsider when he started influences how he handles his fellow wrestlers and more, listen to Allegedly on Stitcher.

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