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Kevin Owens is taking his spot in New Day, and Big E is distraught because he can't go back to AJ Lee

It started innocently enough, with a fan trying to hype the fact that he was wearing the merch of WWE tag champs The New Day:

Problem is, he hashtagged two members of the trio...and then the wrong former NXT champion.

Kevin Owens jumped on the opportunity to start wearing a title again so soon after losing his Intercontinental strap...

Which left poor Big E with nowhere to turn, since Dolph Ziggler is still holding a grudge over their break-up feud and the other wrestler they used to run with, well...

Hopefully, the whole misunderstanding from last week has been cleared up and E will be gyrating with his teammates as usual on Raw. Last we heard from Mrs. Brooks, she was trying to remove the penises her husband drew on holiday cakes and swearing at the television.

H/T: 411mania

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