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Let's do like Rusev and blame Lana for everything

Earlier today:

That is, of course, an extension of this.

So let's just blame her for everything:

- R-Truth won't team with Goldust because Lana told him not to.

- It was actually Lana who deflated the footballs the Patriots played with in the AFC Championship Game last year. There is apparently nuclear heat on her in Indianapolis.

- Though many believe LeBron James was behind the Cleveland Cavaliers decision to fire David Blatt, it was actually Lana.

- Lana is the reason Kanye doesn't know what "KK" means. He now blames her for getting bodied by Amber Rose.

- It was only after Lana suggested it to him that Donald Trump decided to run for President.

You take it from here, Cagesiders. Do your best.

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