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Dean Ambrose just might be the hero WWE needs

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This isn't about trashing Roman Reigns; there's enough of that literally everywhere else. This also isn't about putting over the comments section on this very site, though I hold it in high regard (biased as I may be). This is just a really well thought out look at the present situation WWE is facing and the natural progression of the past two years of booking.

From the comments here:

Dean isn't my cup of tea in the ring (too hokey), but this kind of Ambrose I can dig: dogged determined babyface who keeps fighting not because LOLUNATICMAGGLE but because fighting is all he knows how to do.

Like Dean or not, he's actually got the greatest possible story told if he were to win at Fastlane, and its a shame he's only being used to help get his buddy over. HHH has ruined his life. He took away his best friend in Seth Rollins. He took away The Shield. He watched Roman Reigns get broken, and then Vince and company bragged about breaking Roman. Dean has tried to let others take them out, but now he doesn't have a choice. He needs to stop The Authority once and for all.

That kind of story would suck the crowd in, and finally bring this back to where it needs to be: The Shield and what The Shield meant. Dean's two year quest for vengeance would be complete, and along the way he did what Seth refused to do and Roman failed to do: win and keep the title with honor in the main event of Mania.

Reigns has been through the wringer, no doubt about that, but the problem has long been that he's been handed opportunity after opportunity because he is, quite clearly, the chosen one. That's not what heroism looks like. That's elitism.

You know what really makes a hero? Sacrifice.

How many times has Ambrose allowed himself to play second fiddle to Reigns during Roman's continued quest to overcome The Authority? How many times has he been there for Reigns in that same time span? He's been fighting all the same battles with nowhere near the attention.

That's not even getting into the differences between Reigns as the star fans know WWE wants and Ambrose as the actual real-life underdog who will have to fight to get to that spot despite a lack of faith in upper management. There's a reason fans were cheering so hard for him at Royal Rumble and it's not just because they didn't want Triple H to win.

Rumors suggest WWE wants to use the main event of WrestleMania 32 to crown its new top star as WWE world heavyweight champion in a win over Triple H. That's a fine plan.

But maybe Ambrose should be that guy.

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