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Rusev replacing injured Sheamus on upcoming WWE Live events

He may have lost the WWE World Heavyweight title, but with an injury ravished roster, Sheamus is still set to play a key role in the company's main event scene.

But having suffered a hand injury himself, he'll be joining Wade Barrett in the non-wrestling wing of League of Nations, for at least a little while. The company still has him pencilled in to main event their next WWE Network live special, and hasn't made any official announcements like they would if he were expected to be off television for a while, a la Seth Rollins, Cesaro or John Cena.

The Celtic Warrior isn't wrestling this weekend, however, meaning the company needed to call an audible for their house shows in Macon and Columbus, Georgia on January 30 - 31. Instead of more Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns on those dates, audiences will see the Big Dog go up against Rusev.

As I was first writing this up, was going to comment that this probably meant the Bulgarian Brute isn't in total hot water, but then the reports about Alberto Del Rio's back came out. Now it just looks like, no matter if he and his bride-to-be are in the doghouse, Rusev isn't just the only healthy League of Nations member - he's among a very few full-time, upper mid-card/main event heels WWE has at their disposal.

Take care of yourself out there this weekend, RuRu.

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