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Luke Harper is reportedly Brock Lesnar's opponent for Toronto's WWE Network special

Ricoh Coliseum

In addition to February's Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV), WWE will broadcast their March 12 live show on the Network as March to WrestleMania.

This will be the third such broadcast, following last Summer's Beast in the East and Live from Madison Square Garden from October of 2015. These events don't feature major storytelling beats like a PPV or Raw would, but they are in continuity. Essentially, they're televized house shows.

That background is one of several things I'm telling myself so I don't get too excited about the reports that Brock Lesnar will face Luke Harper in Toronto's Ricoh Coliseum for this special.

As someone who's followed Bray Wyatt's right-hand man since he had short hair, a horseshoe moustache and a different name in places like Chikara, the prospect of seeing him and the Anomaly stiff the crap out of each other makes me giddy.

HOWEVER, the report - which seems to have originated at PWInsider - is far from definitive. Insider's exact quote is "Brock Lesnar may most likely be wrestling Luke Harper"... because either "may" or "most likely" wasn't enough to express the lack of certainty, one supposes.

On the venue's website, the only confirmed* match is Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns (*CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE*). Brock and Luke are listed one after the other in the "also scheduled to appear" section, but that's it.

Even if my personal dream slobberknocker does go down, the brief history of these events doesn't give us much hope that we'll see anything other than an extended squash. Lesnar made short work of opponents as varied as Kofi Kingston and Big Show in Tokyo and Manhattan, respectively.

But it does make sense if you subscribe to the Brock vs. Bray booking for Mania. And it would be a nice, high profile slot for the best worker in the Wyatt Family, that could lead the former Intercontinental champion to bigger things down the road.

So, get excited, but maybe not too excited.


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