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Bayley loves NXT, but she wants the WWE main roster call-up

There's a lot of speculation these days about who might get moved from NXT to the WWE main roster in the next few months. That's common at this time of year. WrestleMania is seen as the end of one chapter in the neverending story of sports entertainment, Spring is often a time when the company introduces new faces. It happened for Paige a couple of years ago, and Kevin Owens last year.

This year, the injury bug that's swept across the main roster adds another layer of intrigue to the story. While mostly in the men's ranks (and leading to questions about not which but how many of the group including Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor will get the call), the Divas division hasn't been immune. Nikki Bella's career is in jeopardy, and it seems that every member of Team B.A.D. has been banged up in the past few months.

Which leads us to NXT Women's champ Bayley.  Though she's clearly been kept in the Florida-based promotion to ensure that the division isn't entirely made up of green workers or ladies just signed by WWE, many think she's got a bright future on Raw and SmackDown. The Hugster has said in the past that she's in no hurry to get to the main roster.

But according to a recent interview with the Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ, WWE is what she's striving for:

Getting to WWE is always on my mind because it's what I've wanted to be since I was 10. That's my ultimate goal as much as I love NXT, I want to be on the big stage.

That probably seems obvious, and it should be. Most performers get in the business to reach the largest audience, so just like a basketball player wouldn't turn down the NBA, not many wrestlers will turn down WWE.

But for a lot of fans, NXT is safer choice on a number of levels - especially for female workers. From the term "Divas" to last Summer's flubbed "Revolution", NXT is seen as the pinnacle of women's wrestling while the main roster is still struggling to defy the "bathroom break" expections.

Bayley's goal seems to be to help change things at the next level.

Check out the whole interview for a lot of thoughts on why she loves NXT and how it would be hard to say goodbye.

What do you think of the Hugster's main roster prospects? When do you think we'll see her there?

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