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Lana, Rusev poke fun at recent rumors of backstage heat at WWE

For months now, there have been rumors and reports floating around that there is backstage heat on Lana and Rusev for news of their engagement leaking to TMZ while they were in a storyline where the two had broken up. They had, according to some, NUCLEAR heat over it. There's been some renewed talk of this heat thanks to a rumored fight at an airport, talk that originated on a podcast.

The two have been on Twitter poking fun at it ever since:

While I find this entertaining personally, it's worth wondering if executives at WWE feel the same. Even if they don't mind all this, how they've been portrayed on television of late shows at least some level of dissatisfaction with the couple.

It's a real shame, too, considering they're both wonderful performers who are capable of being top stars. Let's hope this nonsense is eventually behind them and they can get to doing what they're best at, performing in the ring, instead of sniping about rumors on Twitter.

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