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Rudo Radio episode 30, featuring Griffin McElroy

The one and only Griffin McElroy joins us to talk about the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles' debut and the grossness of Ric Flair's old man kiss.

There's a whoooole lot to cover from Royal Rumble weekend, so let's get right down to business. Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome special guest Griffin McElroy!
06:17 - Let's talk about the Royal Rumble
11:00 - The last prestigious two spots in the Rumble and the miracle of Damien Sandow
12:17 - Explaining Mark Henry
14:26 - Ambrose vs. Owens was great and WWE babyfaces are garbage
18:27 - Thudbutt, single father raising an eternal Neverland baby
20:52 - An investigation into Dean Ambrose's jeans
25:03 - Watching the man go through two tables
27:35 - How do you make sweet love to a trombone?
29:16 - Ol' Rocky comes back and talks to the New Day
30:34 - Griffin doesn't like tag team matches, or cheating, but loves Bray Wyatt
33:33 - The similarities between wrestling and The Bachelor
36:48 - Becky vs. Charlotte was good except for GROSS OLD RIC FLAIR
39:37 - Perfectly positioned jackets and chairs
43:54 - Disgusting kisses are Ric Flair's thing
48:29 - The Royal Rumble!
48:50 - AJ Styles' glorious debut
55:23 - Roman Reigns needs all the help he can get
57:28 - Too much sleeping in the Royal Rumble
1:00:56 - Dismantling Brock Lesnar, the Jimmy Johns sandwich golem
1:06:48 - The also-rans, including R-Truth
1:10:23 - Lucha Underground comes back THIS WEEK and everyone should watch it
1:11:48 - Brock Lesnar's parade of wonderful suplexes
1:15:23 - Triple H appears to be grossly overstepping his bounds as COO
1:20:03 - Where does the Authority go after WrestleMania?
1:28:23 - Goodbye!

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