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Kevin Owens says he insisted on being in the Royal Rumble

JP Yim/Getty Images

From an interview with The Mike Calta Show:

"Actually, being in the Royal Rumble was my... I insisted on being in the Royal Rumble match. The original plan was for me and (Dean) Ambrose to have this Last Man Standing match and obviously they didn't know how we would be after that match because it's a pretty brutal affair. Nothing feels great two days removed now. If you matched the match you know what we went through. A regular match is hard enough as it is but that kind of match just takes it out of you. But I insisted on being in the Royal Rumble match because it's for the WWE world heavyweight championship for the first time ever, it's a big deal, I don't care if I have to drag myself in there, I want to be a part of it."

Despite spending just 4:28 in the Royal Rumble, Owens was actually an integral part of the match. He was the guy WWE chose to eliminate AJ Styles, who was massively over in Orlando, before Sami Zayn came in as the hero to eliminate Owens. It was a brilliantly laid out middle section that included two epic brawls before all was said and done.

Even if he's working an angle here, that he went through a Last Man Standing match and then did work in the Royal Rumble is worth applause (double for Ambrose, who went 20 minutes with Owens and 29 in the Rumble). He made it memorable either which way.

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