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Dwayne & Kev's trip to the gym, or why we need a Rock/Owens tag team immediately

Karena Steen on Instagram

If his microphone and ring work aren't enough to convince you that Kevin Owens is a pretty special talent, that all-time greats like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have made a point to mentor him might sway you.

Usually, their relationship shows up as a cool story or iconic photo online, but sometimes, it takes the form of the mismatched buddy comedy you never knew you needed in your life.

Such was the case this morning as Dwayne Johnson and Owens Tweeted at each other after the Great One's appearance on WWE Raw on Jan. 25:

If Kevin Hart gets too busy, hopefully Johnson will try another Kev as a comedic partner. Otherwise, I'll gladly take a tag team pairing.

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