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WWE Network Roundup (Jan. 15-25): Royal Rumble, Nitro, Slammys

WWE on YouTube

It's been a big week (and a half... waited for the PPV to happen before we got a new Roundup), but hey, got the latest and greatest from your favorite wrestling streaming service.

The Big Stuff

  • This will probably change in the next day or two, once the editors get their hands on it. But watch the 2016 Royal Rumble event in its pure form here. And the kickoff show featuring a four-team match for the last two spots here.

The Usual Stuff

  • An almost new Superstars features the Ascension taking on the Dudley Boyz and Tyler Breeze facing former world champion Jack Swagger.
  • A new Superstars has Jack Swagger versus Fandango and two former world champions facing off in The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.
  • Smackdown #852 from December 17 is the first of the new Roman Reigns era, and Sheamus' League of Nations took many Superman Punches. Plus New Day versus Lucha Dragons in a non-title match, three men have eyes on the Intercontinental title and Alberto Del Rio versus Ryback for some reason.
  • RAW #1178 from December 21 was the 2015 Slammy Awards special. Neville over Kevin Owens for Breakout Star is a reason to fight. Lesnar versus Undertaker: The Final Chapter from Hell in a Cell winning match of the year is a reason to cancel the Network subscription. Or at the very least, boycott the Slammys.
  • Smackdown #853 was the SUPER SMACKDOWN LIVE special during their annual WWE Week on USA. It's the Christmas special. Watch it if you feel like it. Or not. Your call.
  • An almost new Main Event from December 29 has R-Truth taking on pre-Social Outcast Heath Slater, Titus O'Neil versus Adam Rose, and Jack Swagger taking on Stardust.
  • The most recent Main Event available has Titus O'Neil taking on Stardust (again), Tyler Breeze versus Zack Ryder, and The Usos taking on Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.
  • A new NXT has all three people in the #1 contender's match for the NXT Championship in action, highlighted by Samoa Joe taking on indy darling Johnny Gargano. Plus Baymella take on Alexa Bliss and Emma.

Original Stuff

Light on the originals this week, but a couple of shows that are definitely worth a watch.

  • Legends with JBL returns with Bradshaw interviewing legend (and that's a stretch if I'm being honest) Brian James. Pretty candid interview as he talks about the drug issues that nearly claimed his life and how he ended up back in WWE (hint: it took a lot of conversation).
  • WWE 24 is back with the cameras following around the WWE crew on the night of their signature show, Wrestlemania.

From the Vault

I think there may be a few Nitros that may be of interest to some of you. You know you wanna look. *coughARMBARcough*

  • Nitro March 2, 1998: Bret Hart finally competes in a WCW ring for the first time. His opponent: Brian Adams. Plus Sting and Randy Savage take on Hollywood Hogan and Scott Hall. Oh, and the powerbomb that nearly killed Buff Bagwell.
  • Nitro March 23, 1998: Roddy Piper's first match since Halloween Havoc and his opponent: Randy Savage. Plus Sting defends the WCW world title against DDP.
  • Nitro March 30, 1998: You may remember this as the Nitro with the Chris Jericho 1004 holds promo. Yup, this is the show. Plus Booker T and Chris Benoit for the TV title. And another Hogan-Piper match.
  • Nitro April 13, 1998: Goldberg takes on Rocco Rock (spoiler: Rocco gets kilt), DDP and Raven have a pull-apart brawl, and Sting defends the WCW world title against Kevin Nash. This was the Nitro that was beaten by RAW after a run that went nearly two years.
  • Nitro April 20, 1998: The fallout from Spring Stampede, featuring Raven defending the US title against Bill Goldberg, and Randy Savage defending the WCW world title against Hollywood Hogan.
  • Nitro April 27, 1998: This abbreviated show best remembered for the DX invasion that almost was features Chris Jericho defending the Cruiserweight title against Chavo Guerrero and Goldberg defending the US title against Scott Norton.
  • Nitro June 1, 1998: Mr. Jericho goes to Washington and tries to get to the bottom of an alleged conspiracy against him. Plus Booker T and Chris Benoit continue their best of seven series, and Sting is nWo.
  • Nitro July 6, 1998: You may remember this show as the one Goldberg won the WCW world title from Hollywood Hogan.
  • Nitro August 3, 1998: Chris Jericho takes on Rey Mysterio, Eric Bischoff does a bad talk show, and The Giant and Scott Hall defend the tag titles against Bret Hart and Sting.
  • Nitro September 21, 1998: It seems most of the A-list is out this week. Drunk Scott Hall. Disappearing Disciples. Jerry Flynn. Skip this show.
  • Nitro November 9, 1998: Rey Mysterio takes on Eddie Guerrero, with Mysterio joining the lWo if he loses. Plus Hollywood Hogan wants to run for President for some reason.
  • Nitro November 16, 1998: Hogan continues to fail at being Presidential, plus Goldberg (who isn't on the World War 3 PPV that took place six days later) defends the WCW world title against Bam Bam Bigelow, and Bret Hart takes on Chris Benoit.
  • Nitro December 7, 1998: Goldberg takes on Bam Bam Bigelow and Kevin Nash in a triple threat match, Booker T challenges Konnan for the TV title, and Scott Steiner takes over the nWo.
  • Nitro December 14, 1998: Goldberg-Bam Bam-Kevin Nash, take two. Plus Konnan defends the TV title against Stevie Ray. And Bret Hart's pulled groin the likes of which we've never seen.
  • Nitro January 18, 1999: Chris Jericho takes on Booker T, Eric Bischoff takes on David Flair in a hair versus hair match, and Goldberg's in YET ANOTHER THREE WAY MATCH. Plus Scott Steiner hits on a married woman for some reason. Oh, this is the fallout of Souled Out. Thought you should know.
  • Nitro February 1, 1999: Eric Bischoff is volunteered for the dunktank, Scott Steiner continues to hit on a married woman for some reason, Sandman makes his WCW debut and Scott Hall takes on Chris Benoit.
  • Nitro February 8, 1999: Raven is a spoiled brat, Goldberg hits an unnecessarily high spear, Bret Hart defends the US title against Roddy Piper, and hey, Torrie Wilson. I think this is her debut.
  • Nitro February 22, 1999: The fallout from Superbrawl, featuring Bret Hart versus Booker T, Rey Mysterio versus Kevin Nash, and Goldberg versus Scott Steiner. Plus Nitro Girls in swimsuits if you're into that sorta thing on your wrestling show.
  • Nitro March 1, 1999: Rey Mysterio looks for his second upset in as many weeks as he takes on Bam Bam Bigelow. Plus Bret Hart takes on Chris Benoit. Six total matches in three hours. Glacial doesn't even begin to describe the pace of the show.
  • Nitro March 8, 1999: Possibly the worst. Nitro. Ever. A summary as provided by the people of Wrestlecrap: Nash's first move was to present a Nitro that featured no wrestling in the first hour. None. Not a single solitary match. You might recall that Nitro was a wrestling show. Apparently, Nash thought that wrestling on this wrestling show was unnecessary, and he booked the show like this to prove that they'd draw the same rating if they had zero matches in the first hour as they would if there were ten. As it turned out, they were WRONG. They were down from the previous week in the first hour. As for the rest of the show, Flair turned heel. Plus Raven and the artist formerly known as Sandman in a hardcore match.
  • Nitro April 26, 1999: Ric Flair's in a mental hospital, DDP's heel, Erik Watts is back, and Charles Robinson is in charge. No wonder why people tuned out of WCW around this time. But if you watch this show, skip to the main event, which features a four corners match for the WCW world title.
  • Nitro June 14, 1999: One night after Sid returns and Sting was eaten by dogs for some reason, we have a Sable cameo (no, seriously, she was in the audience, one month removed from her quitting the WWF) and Kevin Nash versus Sid for the WCW world title. Plus watch Kevin do a high kick for some reason.
  • Nitro July 26, 1999: Goldberg returns for the first time in nearly three months and takes on Curt Hennig. Plus Sting and Hogan are a team. No. I'm not making that up. Sting. And Hulk Hogan, once bitter enemies, are a team. And Wayne from The Wonder Years on commentary.
My Network picks will return this weekend when the Roundup returns to its regular spot with my favorite Royal Rumbles ever. Speaking of which, where does the 2016 edition rank for you?

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