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Nikki Bella undergoing neck surgery, wrestling career could be over

Nikki Bella said she was at the doctor learning her fate just last Wednesday (Jan. 20) and today E! News got an interview with an update on her condition: She will need surgery on her neck and that surgery could result in the end of her wrestling career.

From the interview:

"I have basically a broken neck, a pretty bad herniated disk. What makes mine a little bit difficult than most people is that I have some disk behind my vertebrae so with a lot of prayers we're gonna pray that the doctors can get the piece behind my vertebrae with just a bone fusion. I have honestly one of the most amazing doctors. And I know that he's gonna do so amazing and I'm going to have the best comeback story that anyone has ever heard of. ... In six months time is when I will get that final X-ray to be like, 'Hey look you can get back in that ring and kick some a--.' There is a potential that this is career-ending. We will only know that when I get out of surgery on Wednesday and then basically how the bone heals Wednesday. So that's been tough but I truly have such hope that I will get to compete in that ring another day, I really do."

She also confirmed that she's retiring the Rack Attack as a finish and will likely be using the Bellahammer, that vicious forearm she throws. That is, of course, if she's able to get back in the ring after surgery and rehabilitation.

If so, it won't be for a very long time.

Update: Nikki commented on all this on her Twitter, promising to get back.

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