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Cody Rhodes return imminent?

He was in the Royal Rumble match last night on pay-per-view (PPV), and was supposed to be re-starting his feud with actor Stephen Amell soon (thier rumored angle at a comic book convention over the weekend was put off due to the blizzard that hit the Northeastern United States).

But have we seen the last of Stardust?

His latest cryptic Tweet makes it seem like that might indeed be the case:

Sounds pretty straight-forward, but then, things rarely are with the Prince of Dark Matter.

We've gone back and forth with news of Cody Rhodes and WWE supporting and disliking the gimmick. Stardust enters into partnerships and feuds on one show (or backstage promo) that are never followed up on, or where weeks go by with no development. He was recently voted worst gimmick in the Wrestling Observer Awards.

Maybe it's time for something new, even if that is a return to something old.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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