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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 stats: Roman Reigns wins Iron Man, most eliminations

The 2016 Royal Rumble is in the books from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, and Triple H is your new WWE world heavyweight champion. He came in at number 30 and lasted just over 8 minutes to win the match, last eliminating Dean Ambrose.

Here are some quick stats (via of

Time in the match

1. Roman Reigns (59:50)
2. Chris Jericho (50:50)
3. Dean Ambrose (29:36)
4. AJ Styles (27:53)
5. Luke Harper (23:40)

The obvious issue here is Reigns spent much of the match in the back, not actively in the ring working. Jericho, then, is the righteous Iron Man, though the decision to leave him in for over 50 minutes is bizarre. He eliminated just one person that entire time and the cameras missed it when it happened.

Elsewhere, Styles was given a nice run in this match and Harper is likely never going to get the credit he deserves for the work he did while he was in there.


1. Roman Reigns (5)
1. Braun Strowman (5)
3. Triple H (4)
3. Brock Lesnar (4)
3. Luke Harper (4)

It's worth noting here that Strowman and Harper were credited with eliminating Lesnar after they were eliminated from the match themselves. There are no rules against that, by the way. Yes, that's dumb as hell, but it's how WWE operates.

For complete Royal Rumble results and recap click here.

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