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AJ Styles shirt already on sale at WWE Shop

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These beauties were available before the Rumble match even ended tonight:

If there's one thing the WWE machine nows how to do, it's monetize performers and angles by selling you stuff.

We haven't even heard Styles speak, or really gotten much of a back story on him from Royal Rumble's announce team of Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton ( does have a story up on him now). His success or failure as a WWE Superstar is still very much dependent on how he's talked about and what he does on the Jan. 25 episode of Raw.

But you can buy this shirt. It's pretty nice, and even the stuff on the back is pretty tasteful (and self-affirming).

Who's getting one?

UPDATE: You can't, at least not until February. They sold out in the first night online.

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