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Triple H wins the Royal Rumble

In the main event of tonight's (Jan. 24, 2016) Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, WWE held the Royal Rumble match. This time, the WWE world heavyweight championship was on the line with Roman Reigns starting in the number one spot.

Here's the order of entry:

1. Roman Reigns
2. Rusev
3. AJ Styles
4. Tyler Breeze
5. Curtis Axel
6. Chris Jericho
7. Kane
8. Goldust
9. Ryback
10. Kofi Kingston
11. Titus O'Neil
12. R-Truth
13. Luke Harper
14. Stardust
15. Big Show
16. Neville
17. Braun Strowman
18. Kevin Owens
19. Dean Ambrose
20. Sami Zayn
21. Erick Rowan
22. Mark Henry
23. Brock Lesnar
24. Jack Swagger
25. The Miz
26. Alberto Del Rio
27. Bray Wyatt
28. Dolph Ziggler
29. Sheamus
30. Triple H

And the order of elimination (and who they were eliminated by):

1. Rusev (Reigns)
2. Breeze (Reigns, Styles)
3. Axel (Styles)
4. Goldust (O'Neil)
5. Truth (Kane)
6. O'Neil (Show)
7. Ryback (Kane)
8. Kofi Kingston (Jericho)
9. Kane (Strowman)
10. Big Show (Strowman)
11. Styles (Owens)
12. Owens (Zayn)
13. Neville (Harper)
14. Stardust (Harper)
15. Henry (Wyatt Family)
16. Zayn (Wyatt Family)
17. Rowan (Lesnar)
18. Swagger (Lesnar)
19. Harper (Lesnar)
20. Strowman (Lesnar)
21. Lesnar (Wyatt Family)
22. The Miz (Reigns)
23. Del Rio (Reigns)
24. Ziggler (Triple H)
25. Wyatt (Sheamus/Triple H)
26. Jericho (Ambrose)
27. Sheamus (Reigns)
28. Reigns (Triple H)
29. Ambrose (Triple H)

About halfway through the match, The League of Nations came out with Vince McMahon, pulling Reigns out of the ring and beating him down on the outside. They didn't throw him out over the top, however. Then they did a stretcher job for Reigns. He refused to allow them to wheel him out, however, walking back on his own.

Styles was eliminated after a strong run by Kevin Owens, who made sure to say "WELCOME TO WWE" before throwing him over the top rope.

Sami Zayn showed up at number 20 and had a great showdown with Owens that led to his eliminating his rival from the match. The crowd was INSANE for it.

Lesnar had a huge run until the entire Wyatt Family came in to take him out, this after he had tossed three of the four. It sure looks like that's the feud going into WrestleMania 32.

Triple H was entrant 30, as had been predicted. In the end, he did eliminate Reigns but not to win it, at least not at first. No, he tossed Reigns with one other guy still in the match: Dean Ambrose.

After a brief back-and-forth with a great false finish or two, Triple H sent Ambrose over to win the match and the WWE world heavyweight title.

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