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WWE trolls fans speculating that Daniel Bryan could return at Royal Rumble

This is absolutely a troll job, right? Now that we're just a day out from the Royal Rumble match, talk on social media, at least in the Cageside Seats timeline (cheap plug, follow us RIGHT HERE), has turned to whether or not Daniel Bryan will be a surprise return.

Now, WWE itself gets in on it with the above video speculating that it's possible he may be one of six stars who return in the match. Here are the six, and their chances of being in the match are slim to none:

  1. Undertaker: He makes sense as an entrant and videos have been making the rounds showing he's still working out and staying in shape. He might actually be in the match.
  2. Sting: He needs neck surgery. He won't be in.
  3. Seth Rollins: He's still rehabilitating a serious knee injury he suffered in November. No way does he make it back in time for this.
  4. Stone Cold Steve Austin: No.
  5. Goldberg: Anything is possible but he's never had a great relationship with WWE.
  6. Daniel Bryan: As has been noted many times over the past few months, WWE doctors have yet to clear him. What makes this a troll job is it's at least possible he's finally been cleared, even if unlikely, and he could enter the match. That they would even stoke the flames is a strange way to promote this Royal Rumble.

Get ready for another interesting Rumble!

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