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WWE Royal Rumble full match preview: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

Intercontinental Championship Last Man Standing Match

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens

If there's one rule you should always remember, it's this: Don't take anything from Kevin Owens.

This is a cautionary tale about what happens if you do try to take what Kevin Owens believes is his. Owens is has done terrible things for much less. He has maimed people for trying to shake his hand. He stabbed his best friend in the back for winning a title Owens wanted. If Kevin will do those terrible things for lesser reasons, imagine what he would do if you actually took something from him. Who would be that stupid?

That's where Dean Ambrose comes in. The fact that the announcers harp on how "crazy" Ambrose is always gets a sigh from us fans, but he'd have to be crazy to do what he did. At the TLC Pay Per View, Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title. Sure, you can say he earned it by winning a match. But Owens doesn't see it that way and that's all that matters. And Dean Ambrose paid for it.

Case in point, this happened the night after (skip to 1 minute 25 second):

And this (skip to 2 minutes):

Or this (skip to 2 minutes 9 seconds since Kevin likes to wait until after Ambrose has competed):

That's what you get, Dean.

To his credit, Dean Ambrose can give as good as he gets. While I don't condone the idea of any one taking something from Kevin Owens because the risk are just too grave, if anyone can stand up to the brutality of KO, it's Dean Ambrose. Ambrose is a man who doesn't care if he's getting hurt as long as he is hurting someone. Instead of smartening up and just giving the title back to Owens, Dean Ambrose instead continued to press his luck by giving Owens a little taste of his own medicine when it concerns the announce table.

When Kevin Owens received his rematch on the premiere SmackDown on USA, the bout ended up in a double count out where both men continued beat the hell out of each other all around the arena after the match had officially ended. Ambrose went toe to tow with Owens and both men ended up unable to get up.

Ambrose is relentless, and despite beat down after beat down from an Owens resembling an angry bear, Dean actually challenged Kevin Owens to a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble PPV. Maybe he really is a lunatic. The match tomorrow will likely be brutal hell for both men, but a treat for all of us not involved in it. If the brawl following their Intercontinental title match on SmackDown is any indication, we are in store for a slobberknocker tomorrow night when these two men try to destroy each other.

Dean Ambrose made his mistake a month ago taking the Intercontinental title from Kevin Owens and has paid for it ever since. Sure, he has gotten in a couple good licks of his own, but his final punishment will come tomorrow at the Royal Rumble in their Last Man Standing match, which airs on the WWE Network starting at 8 EST. Will Ambrose be able to escape with his title and his life, or will Owens finish punishing the Lunatic Fringe for his transgressions? Vote in our poll to let us know below.

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