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Lance Storm is the voice of reason on Tough Enough winner upsetting WWE locker room

The dude who won Tough Enough last year, Josh Bredl, pissed off the WWE locker room when he, a guy with a fat contract he earned on a lame reality show who hasn't worked a single second on television, even in the developmental program, took a shot at the Social Outcasts. He referred to the team as the "Social Jobbers" in a tweet, and drew the ire of Kevin Owens, Stardust, and many more.

It's entirely possible he was joking. He didn't make it much better when he seemed to double down with a series of sarcastic tweets in response to getting called out by the aforementioned WWE stars. That said, some of the response to his initial tweet may have been a bit excessive.

Cue Lance Storm acting as the voice of reason with this levelheaded take:

Bredl made a mistake, no doubt about it, but a simple apology and a make good should be enough to clear things up.

Should be. The wrestling world is strange indeed.

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