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Tough Enough winner tweets shot at Social Outcasts, gets destroyed by WWE locker room

We brought word of Kevin Owens going after Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, who wrestles as Bronson Matthews, just after Raw last night (Jan. 18) for tweeting a shot at the Social Outcasts. In it, he called them the "Social Jobbers." After getting heat for it, he took it down.

Now, he's under heavy fire from all sides.

Stardust went after him hard:

Today, the Social Outcasts caught wind of it and went in on BIG ACTION:

Amidst it all, Bronson tweeted the following:

That he deleted the initial tweet makes it seem as though he knows he made a mistake and is backing off it. Had he initially said he was working an angle, or making a joke, or trying to build a following, he could have at least had an excuse for causing such an uproar.

Either way, he's got plenty of wrestlers in the WWE locker room pissed at him. Considering his position, a Tough Enough winner with a fat contract that was always going to garner him resentment, he may never overcome this.

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