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People are paying money to touch Big E

I have no idea how to set this one up, so I'm just gonna lay it on you Cagesiders.

Apparently, The New Day get a lot of requests from fans who want to touch former NXT and Intercontinental champion Big E. I'm guessing it's his tricep meat, or maybe these beauties - Xavier Woods doesn't specify.

Being good friends, entrepreneurs and savvy marketers, the tag champs started charging for the privilege. And fans so wanted to get hands on E, they pay!

From Woods' interview with Gadget360:

So we decided to charge for it, and it started off as a joke, you know, like you can touch E but you've got to pay me $5.

And it kinda became a thing somehow - I mean, in the last one year we've gotten $38, no $40, which is not bad. It paid for dinner.

Are you one of the eight people who's shelled out a fin to X and Kofi Kingston?

Please let us know in the comments. cSs needs to know more.

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