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Injuries related to current WWE style, says Stone Cold Steve Austin

The influx of independent and international talent onto the WWE's roster, and the influence of hardcore fans familiar with the faster-paced style worked in places like Ring of Honor (ROH) or New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), has resulted in a noticeably different in-ring product on Raw and SmackDown.

Watch a match a typical Raw from ten years ago, where one or two guys might work quickly in a bout with several big spots, and then watch one from last year, where even John Cena is flying around and trying new moves, to see the difference. The popularity of guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has resulted in a roster full of wrestlers working like them. Which is one thing when you have one or two indy dates a week, and another when you're working four or five nights every seven days.

Hall of Famer Steve Austin has noticed the difference, and as he told Jim Ross on the 100th episode of The Ross Report podcast, he thinks it's a contributing factor to WWE's growing disabled list:

Man, I think it's a direct correlation with how the talent works in the ring today.

The WWE guys, they're doing more high risk stuff, they're working at a faster pace, and it just lends itself to injury. And that's not me saying, "hey, you're working wrong".

I'm just saying I believe the product is sped up so much that the guys and gals are just working at a very frenetic pace and without any offseason, it takes a toll on the body.

It's important to note that Austin doesn't just point to the style, but the style "without any offseason". It's the combination of the two factors that he's identifying in this conversation (h/t to Wrestling Inc for their transcription).

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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