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NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom on Bullet Club members coming to WWE: 'It's about time'

WWE just will not stop hammering home that various reports and rumors are going around of Bullet Club members leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling to come to WWE. They're doing it, of course, to capitalize on available web traffic, and it's a sound strategy.

It's also a nice way to get fans good and ready for the impending arrival of the likes of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson by educating them on just what Bullet Club is all about. Hey, that sounds familiar!

The latest interview on is with former NJPW star and current NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom, who had this to say about the "potential" of their arrival in WWE:

"It's about time. WWE is the largest platform in the world to do what those guys love to do. They deserve to be here because they paid their dues, they worked really hard, and they made names for themselves. The best of the best come here to flourish. They're gonna take all those years of experience, hard work and dedication, and now show it to the world on an even grander scale."

He also teases that this is really all about Finn Balor -- who is happier than a pig in shit right now -- before going out with what we can expect to see from them -- you know, "if" they arrive:

"You hear the boss always say, 'You need to reach for that brass ring.' The Bullet Club do things outside the box to continually reach for that brass ring. They're not afraid to buck the system and be different. They're not afraid of trying new things. The fans, the locker room, and us as coaches are very excited to see what The Bullet Club might do."

An interesting byproduct of all this coverage is the increased promotion it gives to the current incarnation of Bullet Club, led by Kenny Omega and featuring members like The Young Bucks. They may be losing a few stars but they're getting a ton of press out of the deal.

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