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Ryback is definitely not officially a member of Social Outcasts, but maybe

Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Heath Slater are Michael Cole's guests this week on WWE's weekly YouTube sitdown interview feature.

The quartet, known as Social Outcasts, only debuted last week, but they've already turned face and possibly added a new member in Ryback. Or maybe not. The lads don't seem to be on the same page.

De facto leader Slater says yes. Dallas is a maybe, while Rose is too interesting in stroking his teammates hair to really weigh in on the issue. Axel is confused about who carried who's bags in Rybaxel, because words are hard.

No idea where they're going with this gimmick, and I'm not optimistic. A good way to get me onboard, however, is to just have the other guys as set-up men for Bo's delusional earnestness. Nothing here is as good as his best NXT work ("LET ME GO QUIETLY"), but smiling and proclaiming they don't need Big Hungry because "I'm already the big guy" is a good start.

Four chains. One link.

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