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Rudo Radio episode 28, in defense of Michael Cole

"RAW" was really weird this week. So let's talk about how great Michael Cole used to be.

Sometimes it's just better to reflect on past Royal Rumbles and pre-heel-turn Michael Cole than it is to focus on Chris Jericho's aggravating COOL DAD final form. So let's get down to business.

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On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome!
01:01 - Shinsuke gets stripped - Who's showing up at the Rumble?
08:28 - Reminder: the 2015 Rumble sucked
20:03 - That was a real weird episode of RAW
21:48 - Sheamus got a face full of blood
23:11 - Chris Jericho gotta go
26:52 - Stephanie dancing is the greatest thing ever
29:30 - Hey, we watched SmackDown last week!
31:07 - Talkin' announcers (AKA in defense of Michael Cole) (AKA HE'S THE GOBLIN KING, MAGGLE)
39:06 - Kalisto wins!
41:26 - Becky and Charlotte hate each other and it rules
43:29 - Oh yeah, Ryback is a Social Outcast maybe!
48:43 - One vs. All actually served a pretty good purpose
53:33 - The NXT/EVOLVE plot thicks
59:36 - Twitter questions! Who is the greatest surprise Rumble entrant of all time?
1:08:47 - Goodbye!

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