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SPOILER: Title change at WWE SmackDown taping

In a shocker, Kalisto won the United States championship from Alberto Del Rio on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in New Orleans. With John Cena (Del Rio's planned opponent) and Sin Cara (Kalisto's tag team partner) both out injured, it seemed WWE decided to at least attempt to make a new singles star.

It didn't even last 24 hours.

That's because, as the website itself is reporting, Del Rio won the title back at tonight's SmackDown taping in Lafayette, Louisiana. Here's how they put it:

The two Superstars, whose rivalry is rapidly evolving into one of WWE's fiercest, battled to another climactic finish on Thursday's hottest show -- now on USA Network --€” but this time the underdog fell to The Essence of Excellence. The contest was not without it's controversy, however, as The League of Nations factored into the outcome.

Yet again, 50/50 booking has taken down another potential star.


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